Saturday, July 2, 2016

Gun Woman, Cannibalism, Necrophilia and Revenge

Generally speaking, an individual into necrophilia and cannibalism is an individual who probably has nothing to contribute, as far as human virtue goes.  In our society, this fiend is afforded rights that even law abiding citizens don't have. So how do you get rid of him? Only one answer...a beautiful, naked Asian woman....with a gun. A Japanese film ( evidenced by spurting blood, and over-the-top gore), directed by Kurando Mitsutake, and set in the Nevada desert, 2014's "Gun Woman" is our feature today.
The misogynist son (Noriaki Kamata) of a Japanese politician inherits great wealth and relocates to the U.S. This son rapes and tortures beautiful women and is virtually untouchable because of his security force and money.  Uh oh for him, he rapes and kills the wife of a mysterious surgeon, known to us as the Mastermind (Kairi Narita). Now crippled, our Mastermind devises a plan to exact revenge upon the son.  It is a well known fact here in America that 63% of all the beautiful young women from China, Japan....and especially Hong Kong are highly trained assassins.  Enter a meth-head beauty called Mayumi (Asami).  The fool-proof plan to kill the son? Dry out the meth-head....train her in ways of homicide....set her loose to complete the task.  We have all done this before with varying results. In this film, however, the complicated nature of the task ahead demands some really gory elements to the plan.
To kill a monster, one must become an even worse monster....and our Mastermind does.  His training methods are shocking and what Mayumi will be subjected to may be an even worse torture than the son could ever dream of.  I'll give you a get Mayumi near the son, the Mastermind will play on the son's fetish for necrophilia and cannibalism....enough said. Where do you hide a gun on a naked woman?  The answer isn't as obvious as you might think. Mayumi will be vastly outnumbered in her endeavor, but that won't be the the most precarious complication.
 Are the makers of this film displaying unproductive phobias regarding necrophilia and cannibalism? Will the Mastermind eventually look to hide something else on Mayumi?  Bloody like you wouldn't believe, "Gun Woman" will have even fans of this blog turning their heads on occasion.  Asami is alluring, threatening, and vicious in this very brutal film.  Available on Netflix, see "Gun Woman."

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  1. Great review, Chris! Mitsutake has a new film coming out in September. It's called "Karate Kill" -- the trailer is available here: