Friday, July 1, 2016

Feed The Black, As Dark as it Gets

Available on Vimeo is an extremely dark horror short by Klayton Dean.  2016's "Feed the Black" plays like an Edgar Allan Poe poem, which is never good for protagonists, especially if they are young women. Loud, moody, hypnotizing, and ominous, our feature today will remind you of some really creepy Euro-horror, with a smattering of ghostly images reminiscent of the 1970's classic Lets Scare Jessica to Death . Some uncomfortable questions are asked by this work, and combined with the may not sleep well this evening.
Is your faith secure enough to protect you from the downward spiral tragedy may bring?  The girl (Tyler Berry) will find out.  After the death of her mother, the faith she thought she possessed is rocked.  With sorrow eating at her soul, the girl heads down an abyss leading to the taboo and the heart of evil.  Even in this state, which begins with an addiction to heroine, she is searching.  As all that is good from her faith in God is now seen as threatening and judgmental, the girl runs toward death, darkness, and perhaps Satan. As this film is 31 minutes in length, this is all the plot I will reveal.  You can probably surmise, this won't be the feel good entry at any film festival this year.
The creepiness and threatening nature of "Feed the Black" is enhanced with a musical score by MANATU.  So shut off the lights....turn up the volume....turn off your devices.....and embark on a dark journey which will stay with you through the night.  Enjoy "Feed the Black."

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