Friday, July 17, 2015

The Price, Horror from Geekout Films

In a special entry today, we gaze at the the first film by some dynamic filmmakers in Texas.  Geekout Films has posted their first film on YouTube, and though it is only 20 contains so much.  Vampires, zombies, slashers, murder, mayhem, legend, and twists galore await the viewer.  Written by Alana Edgin and Matthew Esquivel (who also directed) and produced by Vidal C. Rosa, "The Price" uses fine acting and the flat Texas landscape (near Midland, I believe) to deliver a vicious story which pays homage to some of our favorite horror films.
Emily (Sierra Suttles) is doing a project.  She has found some footage of a university news crew. Unfortunately for this crew, they are missing and no one seems eager to find them.  The crew, from what we can initially surmise, headed out in the Halloween season in three different directions.  One team investigated the mystery of a lady ghost...another sought the answers of a still missing abducted girl...and lastly, a couple of real cynics visited the home of a healer, who is also played by Ms. Edgin (....she claims to be able to bring the dead back to life).
Though their hearts seemed to be in the right places, evil forces are about to play havoc on our news crews.  In respect to the brilliant young men and women who made this film, I will refrain from any spoilers....but gore, scares, and some shocking plot twists cascade at the viewer in rapid fashion.  Only twenty minutes in length, a full description of this plot will have most believing this is a 100 minute film.  Whether it be a first time effort, which this film is, or a tenth time effort, "The Price" is an effective chiller.  The chilly and flat landscape around Midland is used perfectly to enhance the ultimate themes of this film, including...there's nowhere to run!
However contemporary the setting is, this film takes on a Gothic look, which is quite effective. Mr. Esquivel and Ms. Edgin are to be congratulated, though they had a lot of help.  A lot of fine actors and actresses put heart and soul into this venture.  Anyone desiring to fund young filmmakers should take a look at "The Price" and the amazing talent of the peeps who made it all possible. I eagerly await their second film...and so does this blog.   

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