Monday, July 6, 2015

Missionary, Fatal Attraction meets The Church of the Latter Day Saints

...don't let them in!  I don't care how clean cut and handsome they appear, any stranger who knocks on your door....don't let them in!  Psychos who find God....are still psychos.  Hence 2013's "Missionary."  Dawn Olivieri ("American Hustle") is stunning as our damsel in much distress as she gets entangled with a Mormon missionary who has a deranged view of the teachings of Joseph Smith. This is not a Mormon hating film, as the Mormon Church is also a victim of our psycho today. After 25 years in law enforcement, I can tell you that strangers we willingly allow into our homes will murder more Americans than Islamic terrorists this year.
Katherine (Olivieri) is vulnerable.  A beautiful single mom, she is having money problems.  Her mother just died, and her job at the salvage yard doesn't pay her enough to buy her son the athletic equipment he needs to play school sports.  Her ex?  His job doesn't afford him money or time to help out.  Like a miracle...two Mormon missionaries arrive on bicycle one day.  Katherine's son immediately takes to them, and Elder Kevin (Mitch Ryan) helps him with some football moves.Vulnerable and lonely, Katherine and Kevin end up having wild sex (...probably not sanctioned by any prophet).  10 years his elder, Katherine regrets the encounter, though they will hook up again and again.  Uh oh! Ian (Kip Pardue), her ex, returns, and he is a changed man.  Katherine falls in love with him again, but Kevin is convinced that his fantasy about marrying Katherine is Mormon revelation.
As Ian and Katherine give their marriage another try, Kevin is unhinged (...understatement!).  As our psycho begins to get more violent, Katherine does some research into her cute indiscretion...and she finds she is in deep s**t.  The delusional Kevin becomes homicidal, and anyone he perceives standing in his way...he sends them to eternity in most gory fashion. The last half hour will turn into a gory slasher flick, as Katherine, her family, and other missionaries are put in mortal danger...not all will survive.  
The sun can shine even through a dirty window....but the window Elder Kevin displays is more than just is dark and demented.  The delusional theology practiced by him will spell carnage for many around him...perhaps Kevin is a terrific metaphor for our times.  Ms. Olivieri is alluring as a seemingly helpless damsel who man's up for the fight of her life.  Available on Netflix, let this film serve as a warning..."Don't invite strangers in!"

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