Friday, July 24, 2015

Dark Summer, A Creepy Tale about a Creep

Internet bullying can have fatal results.  We have all seen the news stories of vulnerable teens committing suicide after internet predators prey upon them.  In 2015's "Dark Summer" we have a horror story which appears to be about the terrible results of internet bullying....or is it?  Be warned, this is a dark film which has no interest in making you feel good.  What begins as a slow psychological thriller, will conclude as a frightening gore-fest.
High school creep, Daniel (Keir Gilchrist), will spend his summer under house arrest,  He has been fitted with an ankle bracelet, and has had all his computer devices seized.  During the school year, he developed an infatuation with classmate, Mona (Grace Phipps), and hacked into all her social media. His obsession with her was extreme, and the resulting judicial action did nothing to quell it.  With the help of two friends, Kevin (Maestro Harrell) and Abby (Stella Maeve), he rigs some devices and is again, prowling for Mona on social media.  Uh oh....the strangeness starts. As Daniel is about to call Mona on Skype....she calls him.  After delivering a cryptic message, she blows her brains out while Daniel watches helplessly.  Kevin and Abby try to comfort him, but even after death, Daniel is still obsessed with Mona.  The good news...whatever he rigged up, the cops are unable to prove Mona was on Skype with Daniel at the time of the suicide.
Weirdness then arrives in Daniel's home.  Mysterious messages, perhaps from the other side, come across Daniel's devices.  Weird visions and hallucinations torment our creep.  Even in death, Daniel is all into Mona, breaking Abby's heart as she is in love with him.  Abby and Kevin come across as very decent kids, and we plead with the screen.."Please, don't let anything happen to these two." Mona's ghost arrives and she is after revenge (...or is she).  Mona also displays a hostility toward Abby which manifests in a bloody and macabre chain of events.  As Kevin and Abby investigate Mona, they make some shocking discoveries suggesting that Mona might be anything but a victim.  However creepy this film is during the first 60 minutes, the last 20 will have you squirming.
Was Mona a poor victim of internet bullying?  Is Daniel the creep the judicial system says he is? Will the sweet Abby be able to compete with her dead classmate for Daniel's affection?  Malicious ghosts, weird haunts, surprising gore,'ll see, grace this flick which is available on Netflix. "Dark Summer," is definately not the feel-good movie of 2015. 

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