Saturday, July 18, 2015

Schoolgirls in Chains, Psychos Humiliate Damsels

1970s drive-in fare! 1973's "Schoolgirls in Chains" (aka "Come Play with Us" and "Abducted") usually was the B feature in sets of B movies.  Offensive to popular social norms trying to dominate during the Nixon Administration, woman's libbers were no fans of this hybrid of "Psycho" and "Mother's Day." The title is accurate,  For the most offensive kind of exploitation, in an era when people are just looking for a reason to be offended, here is a movie for you!  If you want to meet the good peeps from your human resources department at work, just extol the virtues of today's film while your co-workers heap praise on "Ant-Man."
Sue (Merrie Lynn Ross, pictured above) is abducted off the side of the road by two brothers. Frank (Gary Kent) and John (John Parker) are two mama's the style of Norman Bates.  John is retarded and his loving mother wants him to have toys to play with....hence him and his brother kidnap babes.  The damsels are chained in the cellar and John plays with them at will.  He leads them out of the cellar in a dog collar and his favorite game is Doctor.  He strips them, probes them, pokes them and drools over them.  Also chained in the basement is Stevie (T.R. Blackburn) who is near death, and the perky Ginger (Suzanne Lund).  Sue tries hard to escape but is killed in humiliating fashion by Frank.  The girls are threatened to behave...and if they don't...they'll be brought to see Mama.
However twisted these boys are, a backstory explains their anti-social tendencies.  Their mama always told them that pretty young girls should be put in cages, and also had frequent sex with Frank. Unfortunately for Ginger, Frank is sweet on her.  In a difficult scene to watch, John leads her to the house in a dog collar and Frank rapes her....his only conquest other than his own mother.  Getting greedy, the boys abduct Bonnie (Cheryl Waters).  John does his thing and plays doctor with her.  Not liking the role of a play-toy for a drooling freak, Bonnie looks for an opportunity to escape, but will she have the same fate as Sue?  ....and what does Mama ultimately have planned for these schoolgirls?
If you liked "Asian School Girls" (reviewed on this blog on July 9, 2014) and "The Abductors" (reviewed on this blog on June 11, 2014), "Schoolgirls in Chains" is a film for you.  Available on YouTube as "Come Play with Us," this film will seem refreshing in a politically-correct world.  Be careful, however!  If you praise this film in decent company (e.g. church or employment), you will likely be ostracized.

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