Thursday, July 16, 2015

Faust: Love of the Damned, Steamy Comic Book Horror

Today we look at a superhero that never caught on.  A hybrid of Hell Boy, Wolverine, and Freddy Krueger....Faust escapes from Hell after being turned into a demon in order to extract a most gory revenge.  From 2000, "Faust: Love of the Damned" will exhaust and give you much more than the price of admission.  Graphic carnage, decapitations, severed limbs, rape, BDSM, and orgies are thrown at the viewer in rapid succession.  So if GRATUITOUS VIOLENCE, GRATUITOUS NUDITY, GRATUITOUS BONDAGE, and GRATUITOUS GORE are your cup of tea, stay tuned as we discuss this film.
As John (Mark Frost) is seducing his girlfriend, Blue (Jennifer Rope), the Russian mob invades their apartment and ritualistically kills her.  Convinced he has nothing to live for, now, John walks to a bridge in order to commit suicide.  There he is met by M (Andrew Divoff) and his seductress, Claire (Monica Van Campen).  M makes a bargain with John.  In return for John's soul, M will give him the power to exact revenge on the mobsters.  John agrees and with his new clawed hands, he slices and dices the entire mob.  M then uses John for more mass killings, but when John balks at a mansion after ripping apart 19 guests, the cops arrest him and bring him to a mental hospital.  There he is under the care of Dr. Jade (Isabel Brook).  He falls in love with her, but M doesn't have patience for incomplete jobs.  M then abducts John from his padded cell and buries him alive and sets his sights on Jade.
Meanwhile, Claire, the seductress, plots to betray M and take over his evil empire.  Uh oh...John escapes from Hell after being turned into a demon and returns to Earth to destroy M.  Lots of M's minions stand in John's way ( he is Faust).  After slicing and dicing all of the thugs, M captures Jade. In a scene bound for the BDSM hall-of-fame, Claire dons a leather dominatrix outfit and whips a nude Claire into submission.  Gratuity will be the order of the day in this film.  With city hall, the police, and every criminal enterprise in M's control, Faust will have a challenging time getting to M and rescuing Jade.  He better hurry, as M has a ceremony planned that will end with Jade impregnated by Satan.  Will Faust kill M and save Jade?  Will his demon side win out, spelling doom for Jade, even if she is rescued?
Every aspect of this film is loud.  The acting, gore, and special effects are over-the-top.  This film is based on a graphic novel, so the exaggeration of action is completely appropriate.  Even the nudity is exaggerated, as you will see in one very gratuitous scene featuring Claire.  By the time the orgy of sex and slashings occur near the end of the film, you will be sensitized to the blood and nudity.  Available on Netflix, not for everyone, enjoy "Faust: Love of the Damned."

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  1. I haven't seen this one and I've seen a lot of films over the decades and films like this contain most of the elements that I enjoy. I'll check it out. Thanks for the information, interesting review and write-up about it. :-)