Monday, July 20, 2015

Attack of the Beast Creatures, Hungry Mini-Witchdoctors

Remember the witch-doctor doll that spelled Karen Black's doom in "Trilogy of Terror"?  Picture an uncharted island occupied by thousands of these little buggers.  All about a foot tall, razor teeth, long black hair, red faces, and ghostly white eyeballs...and all very hungry for human flesh.  Once again we visit the state of Connecticut for today's film, 1985's "Attack of the Beast Creatures" (...a bit redundant, I'd say).  Filmed in Fairfield, Connecticut and set on a mysterious island near Greenland, we cannot go wrong with a toothy creature (...or beast) story.
1920: Heading to London, an ocean liner sinks in the north Atlantic.  Ten survivors in a lifeboat         make it to an uncharted island that looks a lot like Fairfield, Connecticut.  The horror begins right away, as a crew member, exploring the island finds a pond containing what he believes is fresh drinking water.'s little practical jokes!  The water is actually a pond of acid and we get to see the man's face melt off in all its bloody glory.  John (Robert Nolfi), a handsome, semi-intelligent crew-member then leads the survivors into the island to explore...not a good idea.  Believing the island safe, they leave a wounded man on the beach...he will soon be eaten right down to his skeleton.  Then the attacks start.  Hundreds of little red men charge.  They are a foot tall and love to bite.  Two of the women, dressed like 1920s flappers, are very vulnerable, as our little beasts (...or creatures), aim for their breasts and upper thighs.
The attacks are in short bursts but come every few minutes.  Each time our team emerges bloodier and weaker.  Cathy (Julia Rust) and Diane (Lisa Pak), two pretty flappers, scream a lot, but their screams can't save the senior members of the party as the beasts (...or creatures) pick the weakest ones off first.  As the buffet line heads back to the beach, they will have to look out for traps set by our hungry natives. Gore and carnage will rule their trek as each human is usually beset by at least three or four of these beasts (...or creatures)  during each attack.
Will any of our castaways make it off the island reasonably intact?  The beasts (...or creatures) are cute and vicious.  The gore is red and flowing.  Low-budget, but energetic, "Attack of the Beast Creatures" will entertain any horror movie fan, and is available on YouTube.  For those seeking a shipwreck movie, and "Titanic" just didn't do it....see "Attack of the Beast Creatures."  

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