Sunday, July 26, 2015

One Dark Night, Rotting Corpses chase Babes in Tight Jeans

Ahhhh...the 1980s! After "Halloween" hit the theaters in 1978, a horror movie a week would follow.  Unlike today, when these types of shows are straight to DVD, these low-budget scare-fests would open in major movie houses.  Many of these films were ignored by audiences and savaged by critics. Still, these treasures did have a loyal following.  Most of us who sneaked into these Rated R films were in junior high or high school.  The appeal? Gore and beautiful chicks.  In 1982's "One Dark Night," we have a film only admired by these pimply faced movie connoisseurs. What geeky teen would not want to see rotting, maggot infested corpses overpower babes in tight pants in order to rape and eat them?
There is a lot in this plot, so we'll just hit a few of the highlights.  Raymar is a Russian psychic vampire.  He picks up attractive young lady hitchhikers and scares them to death in his apartment.  One day, cops and coroners flood his apartment and find six dead babes and Raymar...also dead.  the apartment is a mess as kitchen utensils are stuck in the wall.  See, Raymar mastered telekinesis and believed that he could suck out the energy of the girls after he sufficiently scare them.  With the psychic energy, Raymar believed he could rule life and death.  Meanwhile, Julie (Meg Tilly) wants to join an elite club of cool babes at college.  The Sisters wear satin windbreakers and tight jeans and are totally cool.  Carol (Robin Evans) is the head Sister and has a special initiation for Julie.  BTW, Carol believes Julie stole her BF.  The two other Sisters, Kitty (Leslie Speights) and Leslie (Elizabeth Daily) will assist Carol.
Here is where our two stories meet.  Raymar is entombed in a mausoleum.  Julie's initiation has her spending the night in that same mausoleum.  What could go wrong?  Well it does!  Raymar beats death and while Julie is locked in the facility, he animates all the corpses.  Unfortunately for the Sisters, they sneak back into the mausoleum in order to scare Julie, unaware that the reanimated corpses are horny and hungry.  As the dead converge on our lovelies, there is hope.  No...not Julie's BF...he's useless.  Raymar's daughter, Olivia (Melissa Newman) is also psychic and races to the mausoleum knowing Raymar has deviant plans.  Will she be in time to save the Sisters?
Rotting corpses and beautiful damsels in much peril rule "One Dark Night." Ignored by most critics in 1982, us geeky teens who had no girlfriends did have an appreciation for this horror flick.  Meg Tilly as the clean-cut Julie would go on to much fame, and us geeky teens would grow up to rule the world.  An interesting note about this film, Olivia's husband was played by Adam West (Batman). This film is available on YouTube.

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