Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Mutant War, Even the Ugly Must Procreate

"There use to be eight million stories in this city, now its down to one," laments our hero 10 years after the apocalypse in 1988's "Mutant War." 1980s post-apocalyptic films always are welcomed on this blog.  With no CGI anywhere, this film is refreshing in using Ray Harryhausen effects for some crazy creatures (over-sized bugs and toothy dinosaurs).  Complete with a wise-cracking hero, who drives a Mad Max type hot-rod, fitted with laser cannons, "Mutant War" is a lot of fun and the top grossing movie ever to hit the screens in Japan [GROSS EMBELLISHMENT].
Harry (Matt Mitler) is scavenging for liquor and Playboy in a wasteland which was formerly a great city.  10 years ago, he was the hero of a war which repelled an alien invasion.  Unfortunately, the neutron bomb used to kill the invaders, also eventually killed most humans..or turned them to ugly mutants.  He meets Spider (Kristine Waterman), and the two become friends.  Spider seeks to save her beautiful sisters who were carried off by mutants.  Unfortunately for the surviving women on Earth, the mutants are cannibalistic rapists seeking to procreate.  Harry agrees to help Spider rescue the babes, and together they plot to infiltrate their compound.  Uh oh!  The mutants are led by Rex (Cameron Mitchell) who seeks world domination.  Rex desires to breed an army of mutants, hence he needs to keep capturing fertile young women.
 Another problem...the compound and surrounding wasteland are infested with huge bug/dinosaur type creatures.  Oh in most apocalyptic wastelands, the surviving humans also pose great peril for our protagonists.  At first, Harry and Spider rescue Beth (Deborah Quayle), and she introduces them to her tribe.  Now Harry plots to return to the mutant lair and find Spider's sisters.  Twists and turns abound and a mysterious spaceship carrying an ominous visitor enters the friend or foe?
Can Harry save the remnants of the female race from rape at the hands of monstrous mutants?  Will Rex' goal of conquering the world prove a bit too ambitious for his own good?  What advances in cosmetics and hygiene will be invented in the near future that assist women in remaining beautiful 10 years after the apocalypse?  This movie is first class 1980s B cinema.  Available in great quality, in it's entirety on YouTube, enjoy a film less preachy than the newest Jurassic Park bore. 

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