Thursday, July 30, 2015

Queen Kong, She's the Queenie for my Weenie

Rula Lenska!  The symbol of glamour and allure in the U.K. In the late 1970s, Alberto VO5 used her as the spokesmodel for their shampoo.  U.S. audiences were confused.  Ms. Lenska began the commercial, "I'm Rula Lenska..."  Americans collectively responded..."who?"  Perhaps if our film today did not get tangled in legal disputes, and actually had a theatrical release in theaters, we Americans would have known who Rula Lenska was....and purchased more Alberto VO5 instead of that green goop....Prell!  1976's  "Queen Kong" is sure to offend.  Poking fun at Jews, Catholics, Queen Elizabeth, Jimmy Carter, Playboy, Ronald Reagan, Gays, consumerism, etc., if you are easily offended, stay away.
Having the exact (...well maybe not entirely exact) same plot as 1933's "King Kong" doomed this film to the court rooms, which it never would prevail.  Too bad.  From the opening when we hear the "Queen Kong" jingle which includes lyrics like, "...She's the queenie queenie for my weenie," and "...grab a Honda with Jane Fonda," we know we have a quality film.  Luce Habit (Lenska) is sailing to deepest Africa to make a film.  With an all babe crew, she needs to find a leading man.  Enter poor and destitute Ray Fay (Robin Askwith).  All he wants is to hustle for a joint.  Luce abducts him and the ship (Liberated Lady) sails.  In Africa, a tribe of bikini clad babes headed by a luscious queen (Valerie Leon) spot Ray and demand he be handed over.  The tribe needs a male sacrifice for Queen Kong.  If you remember "King Kong," you know what follows.
Yep, Ray will be grabbed by Queen Kong out of a giant wedding cake and giant monsters will be fought by gorilla and Luce through the jungle.  One monster battled is a perverted rose bush which will grope Luce and members of her babe crew.  Back in London, Queen Kong will serve as a symbol of chained women everywhere, and inspire the women of the U.K. to throw off their metaphorical shackles imposed on them by a male dominated society.  Queen Kong will start by shedding her bra and panties imposed on her by English censors, and the women follow.
The most eagerly anticipated film of 1976 was the remake of "King Kong" which starred Jeff Bridges and Jessica Lange.  A week after that film came out, Americans were greeting it with a collective yawn.  The remake offered nothing new on the tale, and thrust preachy and self-righteous characters on us.  In "Queen Kong," however silly, a deep dive into the controversial subject of redefining a woman's role in modern society took place.  With satire, and some neat role reversal, important questions were posed....unlike the "King Kong" remake. 

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  1. Chris, at first blush this one sounds like a sure miss, but as I read, on Queenie elicited a a quick run to the loo or maybe it was the tenth cup of java jive. At any rate, it's on my popcorn bucket list to experience.
    I've never really been a big chick man despite being a large apish dude. This hairy femammalien from the jungle has turned me on...and the Brits think we're prudes. No respectable USAun would cover Queen Kong's feminine ass...ets.
    Will the schtict get stuck in my craw and offend from within? Nah!