Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Demon's Rook, Zombies and Demons Eat Georgia

Lucio Fulci type Italian horror invades the kudzu infested countryside of Georgia.  Written and directed by it's star, James Sizemore, 2013's "The Demon's Rook" will throw lots of intestines and other internal organs at you in this very gory flick. Low-budget all the way (just the way we like them) but never lacking in energy, and disembowelment carnage.  Red necks, rave types, and Goth- like women all serve nobly as victims of the hungry fiends.  So...if the watered down zombie flicks of the last couple of years have you down, here is a film to cheer you up.
Little Roscoe has an imaginary friend who visits him at night.  Of course....the freind is not imaginary. In fact, Dimwus (John Chatham) is a demon who lures Roscoe into his corner of Hell after evaporating the boy's parents.  Many years later, Roscoe (James Sizemore) emerges from the ground. Uh oh....he;s followed by three cranky demons who are hunting him.  The three demons immediately spread bloodshed.  First they turn a red neck into a slave demon and he chomps up his two buddies. Then they possess a group of campers, making them rip each other apart.  Lastly, they resurrect the corpses buried in a cemetary and set them loose on the Peach Tree State.  The zombie horde makes its way to Eva's (Ashleigh Jo Sizemore) home where they rip out her dad's intestines.  Eva was a childhood friend of Roscoe and she is all grown up now.
Unlike many damsels in distress, Eva has fight in her.  She grabs her rifle and pick-up and flees the undead horde.  To her surprise, she meets her childhood pal on the road and the two have a spunky reunion.  Roscoe, in great psychic fashion, tells Eva where he was.  Apparently, the evil demons keep watch over imprisoned more evil demons.  The more evil demons escape and chase Roscoe back to the surface world and are bent on killing him.  Trust me...this all works on the screen.  With Eva's help, Roscoe begins hunting his hunters.  While this bloody chess match is occurring, the fiends rip out many organs and faces of somewhat innocent victims.  In one bloody good scene, the horde invades the Bovine Fantasy Invasion concert.  Some good tunes follow.  Roscoe is going to have his work cut out for him if he wants to prevail, and Eva will demand to help him...but does she know what that will entail?
No spoilers here, but nudity, gore, and guns will dominate the last half of this film.  Need you know more?  Both James and Ashleigh Jo Sizemore are terrific.  Ashleigh Jo's character is a breath of fresh air as she continually leads with a rifle, right cross, or whatever spunk is handy.  This DVD is reasonably priced on Amazon.com.

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