Thursday, February 16, 2023

Slipping Into Darkness, Three Seductresses vs. Three Bikers

In 1984 we all saw "Blame it on Rio."  As frivolous and light as that film was, it had a big "ick" factor." Yep, you remember, 16 year old Jennifer (Michelle Johnson) seduces an old man (Michael Caine). Still the film had a lot of laughs.  In 1988, Michelle Johnson stars in another ick-fest, "Slipping Into Darkness."  There will be no laughs in this one.  In fact the "ick" factor will increase dramatically as the film progresses.  In what is not the feel good film of 1988, we will examine this movie today, which was directed by Eleanor Gaver.  Warning...just when you think the "ick" factor has reached its will increase again.

Three babes are classmates at a ritzy college.  Carlyle (Johnson) is the spoiled and seductive daughter of the dean.  She has her own Mercedes and can get away with anything.  Her two buddies are Genevieve (Anastasia Fielding) who is into being tied up by bad boys, and the apparent clean cut Alex (Cristen Kauffman).  Much to Genevieve's delight, their lives will be thrown together with three bad biker dudes, the handsome Fritz (John D' Aquino), Otis the psycho (Vyto Ruginis), and the maybe half-good T-Bone (David Sherrill).  Thrown together, how?  Heartbreaking and disgusting events lead to the death of Frotz' mentally challenged brother (Neill Barry).  Fritz blames the three beauties...and the babes kind of deny it.  Now Fritz calls on his biker gang to exact justice on the babes.

Uh oh...the gals are quite the seductresses.  Lies abound as Fritz and Carlyle fall for one another...or do they?  Alex and T-Bone seem to be hot for one another.  Then Genevieve and Otis pair off for weird and dangerous pre-marital sex.  Now Fritz is not sure how his brother was killed.  Carlyle's vagueness is not helping his fact finding efforts.  More seduction and carnage follow.  Gore and twisted sex also follow.  Twisted imagery will include a macabre farmhouse and graveyard as the setting for some significant plot devices.  Oh yeah...I won't even tell you about the combine in the cornfield.  Twisted?  Ha!  It'll get more twisted and perverted, and more lurid.  

How did Fritz' brother die?  What exactly did the three high school babes do to the young fellow moments before his death?  Do the biker dudes have a shot at survival against this trio of vixens?  Again, I warn you...this one will pile it on heavy with the "ick."  If you can take a lurid, dark, and disgusting reveal...then watch "Slipping Into Darkness."    

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