Thursday, February 2, 2023

Honeymoon of Terror, Newlyweds and a Psycho

Again we have one from our buddies at Something Weird Video.  Today we look at the magnum opus for the very sultry Dwan Marlow.  Who is Dwan Marlow?  You won't be asking that after seeing this film.  Sultry...perky...often nude...and a terrific skinny dipper, Ms. Marlow is an infinitely better actress than Gal Godot.  Today we look at 1961's "Honeymoon of Terror" (aka "Ecstasy on Lover's Island"), directed by Peter Perry, Jr.

As our film begins babe Marion (Marlow) and semi-hunk Frank (Doug Leith) have just been married.  The perky blonde and the drooling groom are headed to a cheap Vegas motel to consummate their vows.  In an awkward but weirdly alluring scene...they do just that.  Marion has an something out of the box.  Frank is in and next the two rent a boat, head to a lake in the country, and boat to a deserted island for privacy and more consummating vows.  Oh no!  The dolt, Frank forgot the suitcase...he'll take the boat and go back to the mainland to retrieve it as Marion sets up camp.

With Frank gone for an hour, Marion becomes the Esther Williams of the skinny-dipping category.  The blonde gives us a gratuitous skinny dipping scene and then right into a gratuitous sunbathing scene.  Enter psycho (Anton von Stralen).  A deranged rapist/murderer hiding out on the island.  There will be chasing, screaming, and more chasing.  Frank's excursion back to the mainland is prolonged by a verbose gas station guy.  Now the drooling fiend seems to have Marion, in all her nudity cornered.  Marion seems determined not to let anyone consummate anything with her, other than Frank.

Given that skinny dippers usually die horribly in these films, is Marion doomed?  Will Frank ever stop yapping and return to the naked babe he just married?  Does Marion have a prayer against the hulking, knife-wielding psycho?  Gratuitous and pure (albeit awkward), "Honeymoon of Terror" will get your juices flowing and have you hungering for more Dwan Marlow.      

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