Monday, February 6, 2023

Red Rooms, Evil is Closer Than You Think

It's so easy.  Identifying and crusading against evil.  The child molester...the rapist...the terrorist...the murderer...those are the bad guys.  We protect our families and avoid these reprobates.  Today we look at an eight-part TV show from our buddies at Philly Chick Pictures, which includes the ever sultry Brooke Lewis Bellas.  Stylish and probing, "Red Rooms" puts the personifications of great evils on our TV screens.  Uh oh...not so fast.  Embedded in this horrific show is something even more terrifying.  Yep, depravity and evil may be a bit more closer to all of us than we'd like to admit.  Stay tuned.

The plot?  Let's keep it short.  A reality show on the dark web.  "Live or Die" has abducted five fiends to be tried by the viewers.  Viewers will vote who the most evil of them is...and there's your winner.  Even worse...the evil winner is the only one of the fiends who gets to live.  Brooke Lewis Bellas is a Harvey Weinstein like figure...exploiter of innocent actors.  David Alpay is an assassin/terrorist.  Susan Lanier plays an evil senator who is responsible for poisoning children.  Ricky Dean Logan is a priest who molests children.  Finally, Noah Blake is a narcissistic misogynist.  We meet them as they reveal their putrid crimes.  They all deserve to die. Sadly, none of these five portrayals are much different from peeps in the real world.  Our headlines could have dictated these characters.  They'll be made to describe their crimes, confess...and if they are up top it...beg for mercy.

The peeps at Philly Chick Pictures do more than flash five fiends at us (all of them portrayed masterfully) by an outstanding cast.  The movie's special f/x and computer graphics are genius as we are sucked into the inner workings of an evil'll see.  Writer and director Joshua Butler lets us know evil is not just an outside force...but something that exists inside us and takes us over.  Uh oh again...these five characters may not be random characters. As their crimes are described and confessed to a macabre and revolting pattern develops that will jar you from your comfort zone.  Alas, who will win the crown as "the most evil," and earn the privilege to escape execution on the dark web.

Stylish, disconcerting, and uncomfortable.  "Red Rooms" does something that many of these films stay away from.  Even though we have five fiends in front of us...Mr. Butler urges us in very innovative filmmaking, to look inside ourselves.  Exploitation and darkness, which we see on this reality show, is overpowered by a morality tale in which we may ultimately judge ourselves.  Unlike the five characters facing doom, the peeps at Philly Chick Pictures have given us all a wakeup call to examine our own souls and purge the same evil that has consumed these fiends.  "Red Rooms" is terrific horror and an opportunity to explore original f/x, and our own soul.   

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