Friday, February 24, 2023

Invasion From Inner Earth, Horror in Manitoba

Only a 2.9/10 star rating on IMDB?  That's gold for this blog.  A movie set in Manitoba (that's in Canada)? I'm game. As for that low rating by IMDB dweebs...if Stanley Kubrick's name was in the credits it would have an 8.9/10 rating.  No single film has captured the ethos of Canada better than the American made epic set in Manitoba, 1974's "Invasion From Inner Earth," directed by Bill Rebane.  However bad this film is portrayed by any critic, it is nowhere near as bad or embarrassing as Justin Trudeau. 

The nubile Sarah (Debbi Pick) and her brother Jake (Nick Holt) live in a cabin in the wilderness.  Their dad just died and the only way to reach them is by small airplane.  Three scientists are in the area taking readings and doing other stuff scientists do.  The grouchy Andy (Robert Arkens),  the hunk Eric (Karl Wallace), and the goofy Stan (Paul Bentzen) are the lab men.  Being a hunk, Eric has caught Jake's eye.  He believes the hunky scientist is good breeding material for his sister Sarah.  One problem, Eric is boring and is of no consequence to the film or the plight of anyone in it.  The plight?  Okay, I suppose we should talk about the UFO invasion.  The saucers drop a red gas on Manitoba killing everyone except our peeps in the wilderness...and an annoying radio DJ (this guy is not worth mentioning again).

Jake, a pilot, flies the three scientists back to civilization only to find out everyone has been killed off. No great loss, this is of course...Manitoba.  Jake flies the three back and now the five survivors try to figure out what is going on.  A weird red light seems to be spying on them.  Eric is too nerdy to make a move for Sarah leaving her to goofy Stan...ick. Eric dwells in irrelevance. Jake hits the bottle...and an alien force turns out to be homicidal even in the wilderness. Now the survivors get desperate and scared.  Even worse...the aliens begin sizing them up'll see...and it will make Stanley Kubrick proud.

Is an alien invasion of Canada a possible explanation of the Justin Trudeau regime?  Will Sarah learn to lust for goofy Stan and toss Eric into the trash heap of failed Canadians?  If Manitoba is wiped out, is Saskatchewan next?  Hey...what do you mean, 'who cares?'  For some neat Manitoba scifi/horror, see "Invasion From Inner Earth."  

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