Saturday, February 18, 2023

Mystery Spot, Ghostly Motel

Coping with loss.  A loved one is no more.  Now alone, moving forward is not always in the cards.  Despair, depression, fear, and desperation take over and we don't always recover.  Today we have a strange one.  However strange, 2021's "Mystery Spot" may charge us to deal with loss head a healthy manner.  Directed by Mel House, this film will give us a wonderful performance by horror film icon Lisa Wilcox.  As far as Hall-of-Fame caliber scream queens, Debbie Rochon is also in this film. 

So, what is going on here?  We initially meet Rachel (Wilcox).  The beautiful blonde is obviously grieving and it appears to us that she is considering suicide.  We also meet film maker Nathan (Graham Skipper). He has set up at an out of the way motel where he is contracted to conduct auditions.  Actors and actresses visit him in his room and he videos them reading for a part.  We meet a lot more characters,  Rachel, returns.  Still very much alive she has checked into this weird motel.  Also there, not as a guest, but as cop (Bobby Simpson II) investigating...well...investigating something.  Now this movie will get weirder.  Are there ghosts?  maybe.  What is going on in Nathan's life that makes him act weird?  You'll see.  The proprietor of the hotel, Max (Lyle Kanouse) oozes weirdness.  Uh oh...the motel is adjacent to a dilapidated roadside attraction where reality seems to be suspended in favor of some new dimension.

Get it?  You will.  A pattern is ascertained that connects all these characters.  Loss.  The eerie part of it is that we sense their gathering at this motel may not be for their edification, but for their ruination.  Eventually, these apparently disassociated beings begin interacting and their stories result in carnage and violence.  On the outside, Detective Hanlon (Rochon) is in contact with Leon, but we sense that Leon may have been pulled into a different world.  Whatever force has assembled these sad beings does not seem like a benevolent one.  Now everything mentioned above, and a dozen more plot lines will converge like cars at a demolition derby and give us all an important message about grieving and loss.

Lisa Wilcox and Debbie Rochon are draw enough to see this film.  Still, the deep dark questions it will stir inside our own consciences may be a worthwhile quiz to give ourselves.  Loss and grief will attack each one of us.  None of us will handle it masterfully.  Still, the importance of moving forward is stated quite dramatically, in horrific scope, when you watch "Mystery Spot."

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  1. Came across this recently and it seemed intriguing, but some user reviews scared me off. Your review has rekindled my interest, so I will definitely be tracking this down.