Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Love After Death, Perversion from Argentina

From our buddies at Something Weird Video...we have a super weird one from Argentina.  Argentina!  The country should be a successful and productive one.  Unfortunately, their admiration for the idiotic Evita Peron and her husband has dragged their country into irrelevance and strife.  With Evita and Juan came an unholy alliance with Nazis and Communists...never works out well.  What else doesn't work out well are marriages between impotent dweebs and babe skanks...hence today's feature, 1968's "Love After Death" (aka "Unsatisfied Love"), directed by Glauco Del Mar.

Montel (Guillermo De Cordova) lays in wait inside a coffin in his castle.  He has died...apparently.  In reality, he suffers from bouts of Cataleptic fits...he appears dead.  His babe wife, Sofia (Carmin O'Neil) is having a love affair with Montel's doctor, Anderson (Roberto Maurano).  The two have conspired to bury him alive...and do just that.  Now Sofia is a rich widow and Anderson foolishly believes Sofia will marry him.  Uh oh...Montel awakes in the grave and digs himself out.  Now he is on the prowl and seeks revenge.  Uh oh again...Montel is a virgin...he has never been able to gain potency, shall we say.  Before returning to the castle for revenge, he needs to see if he can sow his wild oats.  He roams Argentina and jumps Argentinian vixens.  He'll haul them inside, knock them out, undress them...and try to have his way with them.

Initially, Monte's efforts are discouraging.  Then he sneaks into the bedrooms of babes and hides in closets to watch them undress.  He sees a lot of lesbian sex, doing this.  He is even invited by these babes to join the party...but this is too much for him.  Finally, he strikes it rich...fireworks!  Now, no longer a virgin, Montel is ready for revenge against Sofia and Anderson.  The two killers (or would be killers) are getting quite intimate.  Montel will have none of this and plans a final humiliation for them.  Meanwhile, Montel and his new found potency continue to sow wild seeds among Argentinian beauties.  Nudity and deviance will take over the plot until Montel is ready to enact his final humiliation on the two fiends who buried him alive.

Shouldn't Montel be thankful to Sofia and Anderson for finding a way to rid him of his impotency?  Are the babes of Argentina forever soiled by having deviant sex with a former corpse?  Is Argentina's ethos forever soiled by their worship of the foolhardiness and ego of Evita Peron?  This is a sordid tale with much deviance and nudity.  For a true sample of the types of films offered by Something Weird Video, see "Love After Death."

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