Saturday, January 7, 2023

Night Feeder, Babe Reporterette Stalked by Psycho Monster

This is from 1988...and I have to say...HOW DID I MISS IT!?  What unfolds in this 94 minute film is even a shock to us horror fans.  The ending will give you the willies for days.  More importantly, we have a babe reporterette, a hunk cop, a lot of horribly mutilated murder victims, and...well, you won't believe the "and."  From Jim Whiteaker, we have "Night Feeder."  Get ready...if you dare watch this film... it will, shall we say...unsettle you.

Horrible murders start occurring in a seedy San Francisco neighborhood. The babe reporterette Jean (Kate Alexander) is doing a story on them and meets Detective Alonzo (Jonathan Zeichner) at one of the murder scenes.  At first, they hate each other...don't worry, they'll end up in elongated pre-marital sex scenes as he makes her scream in ecstasy.  Jean gets around.  Her ex husband David (Easy Willingham) wants her back. Sadly, for him, he'll be murdered by the fiend outside of Jean's apartment.  Also, before pre-marital sex with Alonzo, Jean is sleeping with Punk Rock musician, Bryan (Caleb Dreneaux).  Yep...Bryan and everyone in his band are'll see why.  The murders continue.  A wino, called the creeper (Robert Duncanson) emerges as a suspect.  He always lurks around the crime scenes.

Uh oh...Alonzo and the coroner (Robert Hogan) do very detailed autopsies (yuck!!!). The killer is sucking the victim's brains out through the eye socket.  Even worse, the victim is alive as this is occurring.  Alonzo has a particularly hard day so he ends up in the sack with a very passionate and giving Jean.  Now the two are lovebirds.  Alonzo, thanks to Jean's investigation, is now after the creeper.  More murders occur.  Twists abound and then, you won't believe this...well, no spoilers here.  What unfolds is so unearthly, so disgusting, so taboo, so'll want to see it for yourself.  Hardly a date movie, you horror fans who love being shocked will want to find this one.

Can Alonzo protect Jean even though he is failing to protect this San Francisco neighborhood?  Is the horror that occurs in this San Francisco neighborhood apt foreshadowing of the reign of Representative Nancy Pelosi and her reign of horror on her congressional district and this country?  Will both Jean and Alonzo keep their brains so they can continue to have steamy pre-marital sex?  The OMG Factor in this one is high and Jean is quite the sultry heroine.  For some great horror and shock, see "Night Feeder."

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  1. Sold! Had this on my next to watch list! After reading your review im all in!