Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Alien Vengeance, Debbie Rochon and the Tentacled Menace

Tentacle rape?  Sure...yell that at a party.  Unless you are in Tokyo, you will be shunned pretty quickly, unless there are sorority babes at the gala.  We just don't get enough films featuring tentacle rape.  Today we have one...the number one grossing American film in Japan (EMBELLISHMENT).  By the way, for tentacle deviance, read Max Gunssler's novel THE TENTACLED INVASION, available in Kindle or paperback at this link THE TENTACLED INVASION   .  By the way, in addition to the probing theme of this film, we have the hottest babe ever to put on an eyepatch...Debbie Rochon as an Area 51-type spook.  Our film today, 2010's "Alien Vengeance," directed by Jason Liquori.

A UFO crashes into Florida.  At the same time, Dad (Colin Bowman) sexually molests his teenage daughter Jan (Melanie Robel).  Jan kills Dad and then an alien being takes over Dad's body.  Okay, two hunks and two babes break down near Dad's place.  John (AJ Jones) and his babe Maureen (Sarah Doerr) are accompanied by Harry (Jesse Kozol) and his babe Nina (Christine Daoust).  A secret alien-tracking organization sends Agent Onyx (Rochon) and her eyepatch to investigate.  The alien, inside Dad sprouts tentacles and penetrates and probes Jan.  Jan escapes after the violation and meets up with our quartet.

Now the five are on the run from this tentacled alien.  The thing's tentacles desire more probing and Nina and Maureen are perfect targets for him/it.  Meanwhile, Onyx and her cohort Blade (Shade Burnett) are on the way.  The alien is sly and will do any deceit to shove its things up Nina's and Maureen's warm places. Sounds hokey?  Don't say that in Tokyo where this phenomenon provides hours of fetishes to businessmen everyday.  Or, that's what I'm told.  The tentacles are slimy and the gals don't resist, too much.  As Onyx and Shade seem to take their time getting there, our babes virtue is endangered.

Will the tentacled creature manage to penetrate every babe in this film?  Will Onyx and Shade ever arrive at the UFO crash scene and if they do, will the alien also have plans for them?  Just why is tentacle misbehavior such a fetish in Japan?  This is a fun one...or at least, as fun as tentacle rape can be.  For a prurient good time read Max Gunssler's novel or see "Alien Vengeance."  For all you with eyepatch fetishes, definitely see this one as Debbie Rochon never disappoints.   

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