Saturday, January 21, 2023

A White Dress for Mariale, A Euro-trash Party Turned Bloody Orgy

Some Giallo from Italy today.  We meet a lot of hunks and babes and get to know them really well.  Sadly, even we pine for their bloody demises.  A twisted one we have today.  Perhaps a 2023 audience will not be as shocked as the 1972 audience this film originally played for.  Still, the ending is sensational...oh, why don't more movies end this same way?!  Our feature today is "A White Dress for Mariale," directed by Romano Scavolini.

Mariale (Evelyn Stewart), a hot Italian blonde, has lived her whole life in the family castle.  Uh oh...indications are she is messed up.  See, as a child she witnessed the murder/suicide of her dad and mom.  Her husband is the serious and sad looking Paolo (Luigi Pistilli).  He is not happy that Mariale has sent telegrams to all her friends to visit for the weekend.  The cads arrive.  Paolo tries to get rid of them, but to their misfortune, they remain.  With the group is an old love of Mariale's, Massimo (Ivan Rossimov) ...quite the hunk.  Also there is Semy (Shawn Robinson), a vixen who loves to dance around naked and have passionate sex with another babe guest, Mercedes (Pilar Velazquez).  Then a bunch of weird hunks who we hope will be put through a blender soon.

The orgy begins.  A masquerade party with dinner, obscene party games, and all kinds of sexual relations ensues.  Guess what enters the evening's activities next?  Yep...homicide.  The killings will be bloody.  There is enough insanity in every guest for everyone to be a suspect.  There will also be a horde of scorpions, snakes, vicious dogs, and steamy sex and blood.  One by one, guests get off the 'suspect list' by dying horribly.  You will probably figure out the real killer...but stay tuned...the ending is quite beautiful... in a gore-filled way.

Is Mariale the killer, or is that too easy?  Will either Mercedes or Semy engage in steamy relations with Mariale before assuming room temperature?  Is Massimo so stupid as to fall in love with a babe with obvious insanity issues?  Okay, I guess we can all ask that question to ourselves.  For bacchanal frivolity, gore, and steamy sex...see "A White Dress for Mariale."  

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