Monday, January 9, 2023

All Eyes, Is There a Monster?

Technically this is a human story.  A story about a man who has lost everything...two men, actually.  Redemption...meaning...relevancy...a second chance.  To us, more importantly, is there a monster?  We like horror and we like monsters in our horror films.  Today we look at 2022's film by Todd and Alex Greenlee, "All Eyes."  Yes, there is a lot here that goes down, and comparisons to "10 Cloverfield Lane" will be abundant.  Still...the Greenlees make a couple of fellows, who at first seem uncaring and wooden, quite human and multi-dimensional. 

Allen (Jasper Hammer) is a host of a successful paranormal podcast.  After a bloody episode, his network cancels him in anticipation to legal suits.  Now purposeless, Allen seems finished.  His producer/friend Kim (Danielle Evon Ploeger) tries to rehabilitate him.  Then Kim and Allen find a letter from a supposed whacko.  The letter from a farmer named Don (Ben Hall) convinces Allen to travel to his Oklahoma farm.  Don claims a vicious monster prowls around his farm.  Allen bites, hesitantly, and will meet the most eccentric and cantankerous being ever, Don.

Don is a weird one.  He promises Allen that a vicious thousand-eye creature stalks his farm.  He further claims the thing has eaten all his cattle.  From what Allen sees, there is no monster and Don is the most insane person in the world.  Uh oh...Don believes it.  He surprises Allen by telling him there are hundreds of deadly booby-traps on his land.  Now Allen can't leave.  Uh oh again...the mysterious Area 51 people arrive and may also be hunting the same monster...or are they?  Oh yeah, it gets creepier and a ton more interesting.  Allen is now trapped on the farm with an increasingly insane Don.  The Area 51 blokes manifest as a threat and the monster...well...maybe there is one out there beyond the tree line.

Is Allen now a mere prisoner of a psycho-farmer?  Just who are these Area 51 guys and what are they looking for?  Is there a monster?  As vicious and insane as this plot sounds, the Greenlee brothers give us a great character study of two men in need of understanding and rehabilitation.  They both come from dark places and if they don't murder each other, may make each other human again.  See "All Eyes," and enjoy the twists and sharp-edged booby-traps.       

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