Tuesday, January 3, 2023

Sci-Fighters, Roddy Piper Fights a Virus and Falls in Love

Roddy Piper!  We miss him.  Billy Drago! We miss him, too.  Jayne Heitmeyer!  We miss her.  Wait!  She's still with us!  Thank goodness, quite the babe! Throws these three together, with an icky moon virus, an insane Billy Drago seeking to rape every babe in Boston (okay, for the purpose of good science fiction, let's assume there are babes in Boston), and Roddy Piper as a cop with government permission to shoot and beat up whoever he wants.  Today we look at 1996's straight to video "Sci-Fighters," directed by Peter Svatek. 

In a prison on the moon, Dunn (Drago) goes berserk when his cigarettes are stolen. He murders another inmate with a handsaw.  The poor devil spurts a virus-laden green blood at Dunn, giving him a deadly virus.  Dunn's corpse is transported to Boston where he mysteriously reanimates.  Now Dunn goes on a spree as the virus makes him a physical and mental monster.  He goes on a rape spree.  Poor Tricia (Donna Sarrasin), she'll catch the virus after Dunn rapes her and starts deteriorating.  Enter Detective Grayson (Piper).  Him and Dunn were partners when Dunn went crazy and murdered Grayson's wife.  Now Grayson hunts Dunn.  Oh yes, enter the babe scientist Dr. Kirbie Younger (Heitmeyer), Kirbie is treating Tricia, not well, and trying to figure out this deadly virus.

Yep, Grayson and Kirbie fall in love.  Uh oh...Dunn believes Kirbie is his old two-timing GF, who is now dead.  Now Dunn hunts Kirbie.  Uh oh again, Tricia blows up and sprays tentacled creatures on her medical team.  Fortunately the babe Kirbie was not in the room.  May I say...this is such a classic scene. Dunn continues his raping and murdering, Grayson falls deeper in love, and Kirbie keeps shedding clothing...no need to keep a babe like this in a containment suit.  Tricia...well, she's a nest for tentacled things and no longer beautiful.  Yep...a big final confrontation is in the works...and it'll be fantastic.

Will Roddy Piper and Billy Drago have one of those classic fist fights that made "They Live" so famous? Will Kirbie be turned into an exploding tentacle creature nest?  Is a babe turning into an exploding tentacled creature nest a metaphor easily understood by divorced guys?  For a fun straight-to-video 1990s classic, see "Sci-Fighters." 

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