Sunday, January 15, 2023

A Dragonfly for Each Corpse, Sex Deviants Beware

Euro-trash again!  Why not?  Tubi keeps recommending them to me.  Yep, Euro-babes, often nude and dying horribly.  In this one, however, male sexual deviants get chopped up, as well.  Yep, Euro-babes galore...sometimes nude.  Set in Milan Italy, this is a film made in Spain (if not shot there).  We'll call it Giallo as it does have the Italian connection.  Oh!  A favorite of ours stars, Paul Naschy.  Today we look at 1975's "A Dragonfly for Each Corpse," directed by Leon Klimovsky.

Sexual deviants in Milan are being axed or knifed.  In the opening few minutes a dweeb junky and a beautiful prostitute are murdered.  This film will have an extremely high body count.  Detective Paolo Scaparella (Naschy) is on the case.  He has a temper and is not a very good detective.  Luckily, his hot girlfriend, Silvana (Erika Blanc), is.  She'll take all her clothes off, grab a magnifying glass, and do a better job solving this case than Paolo...really...this happens in the movie.  She'll be nude a lot, not just while doing detective work.  The murders continue and each corpse has a dragonfly pinned to it.  Orgies will be raided by the killer, prostitutes will die, necrophilies will be murdered, and adulterers' will also fall.  Scary, as every adult in Italy is an adulterer.

In one weird scene a professor with a coffin fetish will hire a stripper (Anna Marie) to do it to him in a coffin.  They will both, of course, be chopped up.  Now the killer begins writing letters to Paolo and he or she seems to know him well.  Even more ominous...he or she seems to know Silvana.  Uh oh...all the corpses seem to have been friends of Silvana.  Now the transvestites of Milan are getting chopped up.  As Paolo yells at lots of people, Silvana actually uses her brain...even though she has no clothes on.  Little does Silvana know, if she is not the killer, she is in mortal danger.

Is Silvana a helpful girlfriend in mortal danger, or the killer?  Will Paolo ever get a clue and actually find a clue or will his girlfriend have to do all the work?  Is the sexual deviance of Milan, Italy something that will ultimately bring in more tourism?  Euro-babes in much peril along with every Euro-deviant, much gore, and cleavage and nudity galore...see "A Dragonfly for Each Corpse."   

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