Friday, July 29, 2022

4D Man, Miss America vs. a Mad Scientist

Miss America 1955!  Yep...Lee Meriwether!  Before the Miss America contest turned into an absolute joke which TV audiences did their best to avoid, the title of Miss America meant something great.  The title-holder was beautiful, talented, and someone we wanted to see.  Today the pageant has turned into a woke exercise in social justice with men and women competing and representing nauseating social causes we don't want to hear about.  The contestants, if women, are surgically altered and plastic.  Ms. Meriwether went on to be a successful TV actress and landed a couple of alluring roles on TV's "Batman," and other shows.  In 1959, she did "4D Man," directed by Irvin S. Yeaworth, Jr.

Dr. Tony Nelson (James Congdon) is a handsome young mad scientist perfecting a process that allows atoms to rearrange so an object can pass through another solid object.  His brother, Dr. Scott Nelson (Robert Lansing) is creating Cargonite, an element that cannot be penetrated.  Tony's lab blows up and he needs a job.  Scott hires him.  Uh oh...Scott's beautiful assistant is Linda (Meriwether) and Scott intends to marry her.  When Linda sees Tony, she realizes she does not love Scott and is head over heels for Tony.  Yep, storm coming.  Scott does invent Cargonite and Tony succeeds in creating a machine that allows one object to pass through others...even Cargonite...advantage Tony.

Losing Miss America to his brother, Scott kind of goes mad.  Through a weird series of events, he is infused with the atomic principle his brother created.  Now Scott can pass through walls, bank vaults, jewelry store windows, and Linda's bedroom door.  Uh oh again...when he does this he ages greatly.  To stop the aging process, Scott hugs someone thereby sucking out their lifeforces making him young again and his victim...old and dead.  Now he wants Linda back.  Tony loves Linda and wants to protect her.  Scott will embark on a homicidal rampage collecting lifeforces on his way to claiming Miss America away from his brother.  

Will Miss America be able to select the mad scientist she wants, or will the 4D Scott make the decision for her?  Just what will 4D Scott do when he passes through Linda's bedroom door in the middle of the night?  Do we even know the names of any of the Miss Americas over the past 25 years, or so?  See 4D man and see Lee Meriwether give a great 'damsel-in-much-distress' performance.

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