Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Evilution, Army Experiment Goes Wrong

Yep...this plot line is becoming more and more believable every day.  The U.S. Army sets up a secret bio-hazard lab in Iraq to make chemical weapons.  It also makes a serum that causes soldiers to turn into monster killing machines.  Too bad we did not fight the Taliban with these weapons.  Okay, throw in one sultry babe, or two, and bring the new serum to our shores and watch the wonderful results.  Special mention to sultry actress Katie Cazorla for one of the most gratuitous 'attacked-by-zombies' scenes ever put on the silver screen.  Today we look at 2008's "Evilution," directed by Chris Conlee.

In the aforementioned lab, the experiment gets out of control.  Every U.S. servicemember and scientist is overcome by former soldiers, now zombies.  The only survivor is Captain Darren Hall (Eric Peter Kaiser).  He escapes with a vial or two of the stuff and comes back to the U.S.  Now he moves into a rundown tenement building with a weird super.  Yep, Darren sets up a lab in his basement apartment and continues his experiments.  He meets the sultry Maddie (Sandra Eloani).  What a babe!  She does everything she can to have pre-marital sex with him.  She'll succeed.  Darren might be a mad scientist but no one is insane enough to deny Maddie, you'll see.  During this pre-marital sex, hoodlums rummage through his laboratory and now the vials are mixed with crack or heroin and the zombie outbreak begins.

Soon, Darren is doing damage control.  The outbreak, inside the tenement is moving too fast.  Sadly, a soon to be nude Nikki (Cazorla) is sad.  Uh oh...Maddie is mad at Darren for his "Wham bam thank you ma'am!" attitude.  Now Gabriel (Tim Colceri), an assassin for the U.S. Army arrives to murder Darren and recover the vials.  He's too late and joins in the war against the undead inside the building.  Maddie continues to look steaming hot and provides quite the contrast against the backdrop of the undead drooling black snot.  Now Darren seeks to save the woman he had pre-marital sex with, kill the undead, continue his experiments, and escape the building.  Fat chance!

What are the chances of the sultry Maddie staying sultry until the end credits?  Does anyone believe the U.S. military and our Department of Defense are not undertaking these experiments?  Is our expulsion from Afghanistan and soon to be Central Europe related to these experiments?  This is a fun and grim one.  The cheese factor is intense and the film is more prescient than our government will admit.  For a neat zombie film, see "Evilution."

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