Sunday, July 17, 2022

Alien Hunter, A Block of Ice in the Antarctic is Melting and...

Remember when Chiles and Macready are facing off in the frigid elements in "John Carpenter's The Thing"?  Which one is human?  One or both?  Macready finally says something, when faced with the possibility of the cold overcoming both of them, that perhaps its best neither one of them survives.  Hence 2003's "Alien Hunter," directed by Ron Krauss.  In this one we will wonder if our inter-galactic visitor is as malicious as in Carpenter's film...or is it something else?

Julian (James Spader) is your typical professor at a liberal college.  He's only interested in pre-marital sex with babe coeds.  He gets called down to NASA's Antarctic facility because of his expertise with codes.  The scientists down there have found something in the ice.  It is giving off a radio signal that might be intelligent.  That is what Julian is asked to determine.  He'll arrive and be met by Nyla (Leslie Stefanson), science babe.  Nyla likes to work in the nude, and take showers with hunks.  She'll compromise and work in her underwear.  Julian is also met by head scientist, Dr. Alexi Gierach (Nikolai Binev), a genetics guy.  He shows Julian the block of ice, which is melting, and appears to have a creature inside.  Uh oh...also at this facility is the grouchy and bitter Dr. Kate Brecher (Janine Eser), a babe scientist who back in the day was one of those coeds Julian had pre-marital sex with.

Kate has another boyfriend, now...a plant scientist but you can guess his fate, no matter what the plot is.  Julian reads the radio signals and agrees something intelligent is in the block of ice.  As it melts, we wonder if it will have tentacles and a ticked off attitude.  Julian is intrigued by the prospect of it communicating.  Nyla is intrigued by the possibility of a shower with Julian.  Kate is a real b***h, and has no sense of humor about being used and discarded by her former professor.  Women!  The ice block will melt and yes there is something intelligent inside.  What happens next will be compounded by the paranoia of the nuclear superpowers.  You'll see.

Will Kate realize she has been a real b***h and fight for her turf by engaging Nyla in a vicious catfight?  What is in the block of ice and will it be as vicious as Macready's nemesis in the aforementioned film?  Just where does NASA get off telling a babe scientist that she can't work in the nude?  This is a fun one but don't think that many plot devices similar to those in John Carpenter's film will produce the same film.  For a neat alien film with babe scientists seeking to work in the nude, see "Alien Hunter."  

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  1. Ha ha ha! Nice one, sir. I am typically not a "creature feature" kinna guy. With "Alien" I make an exception. Sublime.