Monday, July 11, 2022

Blood Bite, Red Shark vs. Red China

We all know China has always been infatuated with "Jaws 3D."  Bess Armstrong in that wetsuit has always been guiding adolescent Chinese boys through puberty since that film came out.  Okay, I embellish.  Nevertheless, we do have China's version of "Jaws 3D," in 2020's "Blood Bite" (aka "Xue Sha" and "Horror Shark"), directed by Yue Ang Wang.  No Bess Armstrong but fear not, we do have some Chinese babes in well as some Chinese hunks in wetsuits.  Oh yes...a red great white shark that roars and growls.

Ming Shu Yung (Lik-Sung Fong) is a scientist who's leg was bitten as he rescued babe Jiwan (Weitong Zhau) from a shark attack.  He's scared of the things now.  Fast forward...he and a biologist professor, Jessica (Tara Clance) are lured to a Sea World type park. The owner, Chin, has genetically altered a great white to make it obedient...yep, you can guess where this is going.  He has also hired diver Jiwan to feed the shark.  He hopes Jessica and Ming will endorse his efforts in the science community thereby opening up grants and money to flood in.  Ming, who has been bitten by a shark once, is skeptical.  Chin's assistant is the babe Yow (Yue Ang Wang).  Well, Ming's suspicions were won't work.  The shark rebels.  It has changed and is no longer the same species...its red and makes noises (as many of us do when we get old).

Now the shark turns aggressive and eats people.  It busts the underwater structure of the park, flooding its chambers.  Now it is in the chambers chasing all the people.  Ming will keep saving Jiwan's life.  Now the surviving people must hit the open ocean and pursue the escaped red shark.  Jiwan is brave and intends to go into the water with a few darts to kill the shark.  Ming knows this won't work (remember, this is China where all women are considered stupid) and implores her not to. What this is all leading to is a war between a mad red shark and a few babes and hunks in wetsuits.  100% realistic.

Will Ming realize he is fated to fall in love with babe diver Jiwan?  Will any of the two other hunks in this film match up with any of the other two babes?  That is, if they remain uneaten...a big if.  Is this film a metaphor for China's ability to match anything the west does ("Jaws 3D) and then raise the stakes?  As the West falls and the East rises, "Blood Bite" may be a great film to explain why that is happening. 


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