Saturday, July 9, 2022

Double Exposure, Babes Shredded

Deviant!  Perverted! Misogynistic!  Dirty!  Gory!  Taboo!  Prurient!  Yep!  Think Giallo times 10.  Guess who is in it!  Cleavon Little, Sally Kirkland (topless), Misty Rowe (as a centerfold named Bambi), Joanna Pettit, Victoria Jackson, and Pamela Hensley!  But the real stars of this 1982 slasher film are Michael Callan and James Stacy, as a very interesting, and probably a too close, pair of brothers.  Our feature today, directed by William Byron Hillman, is "Double Exposure."  You have been warned.

Adrian (Callan) is a photographer with issues.  He has a brother he loves very much, a one-armed, one-legged brother who is a Hollywood stuntman, BJ (Stacy).  Adrian shoots stunning women in the nude...and guess what!  Yep, the dames show up dead...usually after Adrian dreams of murdering them.  The kills are ominous and devilishly erotic.  Uh oh...we get a glimpse of Adrian's therapy sessions with his shrink (Seymour Cassel).  Uh oh, again...he picks up the lovely Mindy (Pettet) in an elevator.  Now Mindy is head over heals for him...bad on her.  A lot of sex will ensue, and Adrian will also have sex with models and skanks who soon after are murdered.

Detective Fontaine (Hensley) is on the case.  Then eek!!!  One of the most gut wrenching murders you will ever see occurs.  A model Adrian is shooting has a rattlesnake'll see.  Oh, BJ?  Don't feel too bad about his missing limbs.  He'll start dating a centerfold babe (Rowe) and even wrestle Naughty Nancy in a mud wrestling match.  After the rattlesnake episode the cops start pursuing Adrian.  Easy right? will smell a twist coming.  As for Mindy and her poor judgment of men...well, she may pay very dearly for that.

Will Mindy be gutted before the final credits?  Are there any mud wrestling opportunities in this film for Ms. Pettet, Ms. Hensley, or Ms. Rowe?  So what is the deal with a one-armed, one-legged guy in a mud wrestling event?  You will need a shower after watching this shocker.  Babes will be shredded.  Guys will demonstrate insanity.  Cops will go down the wrong paths.  Hopefully, the blonde babe will not be gutted...although that is a thin chance.  See "Double Exposure" and enjoy the cheese before it gets carved up.        

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