Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Camp Murder, Classic Theme and Lots of Carnage

The kill count will be massive.  Intestines will pour out.  Machetes will lodge in heads.  The killer will have a kind of hockey mask.  From Polonia Brothers Entertainment we have 2021's "Camp Murder," directed by Mark Polonia.  You have to give this film credit...it does have originality as one of the potential final girls is a professional wrestler (Jamie Morgan) who is ready to grapple.

25 years ago, Tommy (Jeff Kirkendall) murdered dozens of people at a summer camp by the lake.  According to his mother it was the fault of the "whore counselors."  Hey...I believe her.  As our film begins Dr. Lewis (Noyes Lawton) is conducting one last session with him before his retirement.  This won't go well and when Lewis departs, Tommy murders an orderly (Polonia) with a pen.  Now he's on the loose and of course heads back to the summer camp he committed all those murders at.  Also heading to that camp are some young professionals who seek to have a lot of pre-marital, marital, and extra marital sex.  Included is pro wrestler Roxy (Morgan) and her manager and retired wrestler Chuck (Tim Hatch).  Oh yes, Cody (Kyle Rappaport) is also along...he seeks to steal Roxy away from Chuck.

Dr. Lewis, who has had no sex for the past 25 years, is then seduced by reporterette and babe (Katie (Jennie Russo).  She has incredible sex with him and gets him to tell her that Tommy has escaped.  Now Katie wants the story of the century and heads to the camp, as well.  Tommy gets their first and kills a dozen or so schmucks with his machete as the campers arrive.  Now Tommy sets his sights on the campers, including the female wrestling babe, Roxy.  Also arriving is an assassin hired by Lewis to murder Tommy.  Dr. Lewis, Tommy's mom, and Katie the reporterette also arrive.  They're all running into a buzz saw and many of their fates will be quite gory.

Will Roxy have a knockdown drag out grappling event with slasher Tommy?  Will any of the campers survive the carnage.  Will reporterette Katie get what she deserves, get in a catfight with Roxy, or get her story from Tommy?  Fun and gore!  Oh why oh why didn't Gail Kim ever do horror films (I know, irrelevant question)?  As with any Polonia Brothers film, you will have so much fun watching "Camp Murder."

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