Monday, July 4, 2022

Murdercise, It's Coming to Make You Sweat...and Bleed

The 1990s!  Yep...what do we all remember from the 1990s?  Right!  Before ESPN went insanely woke, we could all watch Kiana Tom's "Flex Appeal" every morning.  The sultry Polynesian babe...sweaty...and quick with pelvic thrusts, contorted stretches, and cleavage more impressive than the Grand Canyon.  I don't think anyone ever did the exercises she demonstrated.  Her costumes...shiny and big on butt floss...were carrying many an adolescent boy through puberty.  Horror and this erotic workout concept existed in a limited sense, 1988's "Death Spa," and 1987's "Killer Workout" (aka "Aerobicide").  Fear not...coming soon from A & P Films..."Murdercise."  There will be butt floss, shiny aerobic outfits, nubile and stacked babes...and blood.

Friends of this blog, Angelica De Alba and Paul Ragsdale are making this movie now.  Just so you know, the babe factor will be extreme (and I expect the costumes and blood, too).  The duo has lined up some sultry actresses such as Jordan Phipps ("Amazon Hot Box"), Jessa Flux ("Space Babes from Outer Space"), Krystal Shay ("Streets of Vengeance"), and Nina Lanee Kent ("Slashlorette Party").  I'm sure these babes will also be adorned with outfits that would make Kiana Tom moan.  At this point, do we even need a plot? assured there will be one.  It will concern Phoebe, an exercise workout video model who learns to murder...a story for out time.

I am excited as so many of Ms. De Alba's and Mr. Ragsdale films have appeared on my blog...all stupendous...and very erotic and gory.  Sweat, bleed, or just pant...there is no way you are going to want to miss this one.  Even a part of it...I did.  There is an Indeigogo campaign that offers some neat gifts for your participation.  I opted for the autographed poster.  Check it out and choose your gratuity...which will likely be gratuitous.  Click on this link to go to the "Let's Get Murdercised!" Indiegogo page MURDERCISED on INDIEGOGO  .

A throwback to the great VHS horror days and exercise workout shows is almost here.  If you never had your fill of butt floss, satin outfits, pelvic thrusts, and women models who could no way be real...join the "Murdercise" exercise campaign now.  

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