Saturday, March 21, 2020

Zoombies 2, Meerkats and Porcupines and Hippos, Oh My!

In a follow up to the best film of 2016, Zoombies , we will  take a look at the best film made in 2019, Zoombies 2. Epic and classic are understatements in this tale featuring some amazing beefcake and cheesecake combined with cute critters turned into fiendish monsters. This one plays on our nightmares or being picked apart by meerkats and aardvarks.
A team of poachers headed by Toronto (Jarrid Masse) sneak into a wildlife preserve to steal some rare animals. Jezel (Terra Strong) has invented a tranquilizer to assist in this endeavor. Uh oh...the tranquilizer turns the critters into zombie-animals. Immediately, zombie meerkats eat some poachers, and a rhino rids the preserve of another one. Jezel and her pretty cohort, Layne (Ashley Alva) will be arrested by hunk ranger Randy (Jonathan Buckley). We won't mention Layne again as she will have her face eaten off by a zombie-porcupine. As the two babe poachers are brought back to the lab, Brooke (Erica Sturdefant), a major league babe, the head vet, is angry and wants to rip the poachers apart.
Now Toronto runs in and warns meerkats are attacking, but no one believes him. Randy heads out to look for more poachers and realizes Toronto is right. Back at the lab, two baby porcupines turn into zombies and eat lab technicians and Layne and wound the sultry Brooke. Now Randy and some cohorts, along with Toronto, are stranded in the preserve under attack from zombie hippos, aardvarks, and anacondas. Just when all seems hopeless, Jezel claims she knows how to make an antidote for the tranquilizer she invented...but the cure may be deadlier than the present predicament. As rhinos, tigers, and more meerkats attack, Brooke takes charge and decides to trust the arrested Jezel.
Is there a good cat-fight on tap between the sultry Brooke and the ravishing Jezel? Will Randy make it back to the lab with Toronto, and if so...will the lab even be there? Miss Sturdefant turns in a terrific performance and plays to the camera really well. For you gals, Mr. Buckley will melt your heart. In the most important film of 2019, "Zoombies 2" will gnaw at your consciousness and cause vegans to go carnivore.


  1. Busy plot interspersed with lots of action, a timely film for a timely time!!

  2. Excellent ! Thank you for your review Chris.