Thursday, March 19, 2020

Massage Parlor Murders!, Gratuitous and Kinky Crime Thriller

Gratuitous and kinky? Hey...its 1973's "Massage Parlor Murders!" Yep, deviant role playing sex, a lot of pre-marital sex, skinny dipping, and more. With gritty New York City as the motif, a real psycho goes through lovely 'women of the night" like crap through a goose. All the deaths will be brutal and deviant, and two hard-boiled detectives will seem over matched. Directed  by Chester Fox and Alex Stevens, this one graced the drive-ins.
At the Venus Paradise, the "massage therapists" wait for their next man. A strange man arrives and picks out Rosie (Chris Jordan). This will be unfortunate for the redhead as the maniac busts her head open and strangles her with her own bra. Detectives Rizotti (George Spencer) and Mara (John Moser) respond to the carnage. Very bloody. The handsome young Mara pays a visit to Rosie's roommate, Gwen (Sandra Peabody). She is also a "massage therapist." She cries at learning of Rosie's death, but stops soon to fall in love with Detective Mara. They'll kiss, drink together, have pre-marital sex, go on picnics, and yes...skinny dip. Meanwhile Rizotti gets grouchy and yells at everyone.
The fiend strikes again and again. His killings are getting nastier and he even uses acid and ritualistic sacrificial rites. Detective Mara is too busy having immoral relations with Gwen and Rizotti is too busy yelling at people to try to figure out who the killer is. A lot of weird suspects emerge including Brother Theodore and George Dzundza. As the killer continues, Rizotti gets inspiration from an unlikely source and believes he has a bead on the psycho. Detective Mara continues to get nude a lot and do deviant things...nasty Gwen, our proverbial working girl.
Will Rizotti stop yelling long enough to put a couple of clues together? What is the motivation of this fiend and his weird methods of killing ladies of the night? Will Mara inspire Gwen to leave the world of massage therapy and take up typewriter repair? Most of this film is gratuitous scenes containing nudity and deviance...but who are we to complain? For an accurate depiction of early 1970s New York, enjoy "Massage Parlor Murders!" 


  1. Better cars, hotter chicks and bras strong enough to strangle someone with!!!

  2. I guess there's worse ways to die! Great review mate never even heard of this one & it sounds right up my alley :)