Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Body Farm, Internal Organs for Sale

Anyone who has spent Mardi Gras in New Orleans has been there. Yep...as Fat Tuesday ends you've woken up in a seedy motel room hooked up to an IV. Alas a scar on your side indicates your kidney has been removed. The perils of intense drinking and partying. An urban legend? Perhaps. This nightmarish legend is about to take on some horrific twists in a 2018 film by Brandon Keenan and Nick LaMantia, "Body Farm."
The above fate comes to roost for the nubile Justyne (Genevieve Weiss). Scouting for a video team she finds a remote research facility specializing in curing corpses for forensic research. Uh oh...as she wakes on a gurney she realizes her kidney is gone and blood will explode out of her improperly sutured wound. Very sad. Erik (Keenan) and Ashton (LaMantia) are her team mates and worried that she has been out of touch. A cryptic text from her phone summons them to the same facility, a body farm. With their boss, Mark (Brian Stowell) and nerd Zach (Brett Hollabaugh) in tow, they arrive at the farm hoping for a story and a reunion with Justyne. This won't go well. As the team is halved almost immediately, now Erik and Ashton must not only find Justyne but also Mark and Zach.
The farm has weird personnel which include sadistic guards. Guards? Yep, did I mention some death row inmates or lifers are also housed there? Oh yes, Dr. Dorus (David Petti) who heads the facility is busy dissecting film crew members and also sizing up Erik and Ashton. Still oblivious to the real story, Erik and Ashton seek help from the sheriff...this won't go well. Uh oh, one of the inmates escapes with bloody murder in mind...but is he really an inmate. As internal organs are yanked out of their  warm torsos, Erik and Ashton are pursued in the interest of science...and free market organ harvesting. Got it? Nope, you don't. Twists abound and not everyone is who you think they are. Blood will pour out, brains and livers will be yanked out, and rich sick people will patiently await for their new organs.
Just what is the scope of Dr. Dorus' sadistic operation? Will the nubile Justyne's death go for naught, or will her spirit,,,and kidney...have anything more to add to this plot? Just who are these inmates and who is endangered by their vicious and bloody escape? This is a nightmarish film that really piles on to that aforementioned urban legend. If you want to see an extra gory film that will unnerve you for quite some time, enjoy "Body Farm."

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  1. Where did half my liver and one and a half kidney's go, and my plasma and bone marrow, dont talk to strangers! Hope there's revenge in this movie.