Monday, March 9, 2020

Satanico Pandemonium, Sultry Nun Behaving Badly

Just what does the sub-genre of Euro-Trash have for nuns? Apparently a fetish. Unlike most nuns, many European horror films portray them as nymphomaniac-lesbians just itching to throw off their habits and robes. Now the Mexicans have gotten into the game.  Ave Maria! Hence a Mexican film from 1975, "Satanico Pandemonium," directed by Gilberto Martinez Solares, is our feature today. I repeat, Ave Maria! Also called "La Sexorcista," this film chronicles the downfall, literal and spiritual, of Sister Maria.
Sister Maria (Cecilia Pezet) is a sultry nun at a convent in rural Spain. How do we know she is sultry, after all, nuns are quite covered by robes and habits? Well, she sheds those garments a lot in this film...either in extreme lust for sex, being raped...or doing the raping. Okay, while picking flowers she meets a naked man, who is quite endowed. He offers her an apple and she runs away. Yep, Luzbel (Enrique Rocha) tells her to call him Lucifer. She runs back to her convent and keeps seeing visions of this naked man offering her an apple. She runs to her room, strips naked, and whips herself.
Sister Maria is quite respected among the other nuns (who we will also see quite naked). One beautiful nun comes to see her to confess her sins and she tries to rape Maria. Maria eventually gives in and begins to enjoy the rape when she sees Lucifer doing the deed, instead of the nun. Now, her sexual prowess exploding, another nun comes in to confess...Maria rapes the poor gal...then stabs her in the back. Maria will then go on a homicidal orgy, but not after trying to rape a young boy. She'll visit the boy's house to finish the job. Maria will rape the boy in his bed, butcher him, then butcher his mother. Now Lucifer has a deal for Maria...and horrifically, it may be a deal she won't be able to refuse.
Okay...enough of this gratuitous plot. Sister Maria is indeed sultry and naked through much of this film. Her resistance to temptation is almost non-existent and she will partake in not only sexual orgies but also homicidal ones. Blood will flow, and boy and nun alike will fall victim to her fall from grace. Will Maria be able to reverse her fall and eschew Satan? Though raped, will the young Mexican boy be traumatized by it or be heralded by his buddies (much like Florida school boys raped by their sultry teachers)? Is this film a vicious tirade against the sexual suppression of the Catholic church or a warning of the dangers of Satan's influence? If the above plot recap doesn't offend, see "Satanico Pandemonium."

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  1. You know what they say about Catholic chicks, nuns are a sadistic bunch, pinch, pull hair and apparently go off in bed, homage to the Catholic church who really shouldn't be exempt from paying tax.