Monday, March 23, 2020

The Dark Side of the Moon, The Devil and Sultry AI

We all remember the HAL 9000 from that old Stanley Kubrick film. Here's a neat take on that plot device... how about instead of a boring disembodied voice, the AI that is the lifeblood of the spaceship is in fact a sultry babe, with a seductive European accent, clad in a tight leather jumpsuit showing much cleavage. Yep, we can all agree Mr. Kubrick missed out on one heck of a plot device. Hence today we discuss 1990's "The Dark Side of the Moon," directed by D.J. Webster.
In the year 2022 a spaceship is headed toward the moon to repair a nuclear spy satellite. Uh oh, a mysterious force fries their electronics and now the ship is drifting helplessly toward the dark side of the moon. The captain, Flynn (Robert Sampson), and the first mate Giles (Will Bledsoe), try everything to no avail. The oxygen is running out and the temperature is decreasing fast. Lesli (Camilla More), the sultry babe who is the ship's computer, is consulted and she advises there are no problems. Uh oh...the space shuttle Discover approaches, this craft has been missing for 30 years, ever since it crash landed in the Bermuda Triangle.  Desperate, the crew manages to connect with the supposed derelict shuttle, and needing more air, Flynn and Giles board it.
Connecting to the shuttle will have eerie results. They find the corpse of a crew member, with his stomach exposed. The corpse is brought back onto their ship and will attack spacebabe Alex (Wendy MacDonald). The corpse was seemingly dead, but opened its eyes and appeared to be occupied by Satan. Satan takes Alex' sultry body and begins moving to other crew members. Meanwhile the two ships are being drawn into the dark side of the moon. Giles does some research with Lesli's help and finds out a macabre connection to the Bermuda Triangle and the hundreds of ships that vanished there. As spacebabe Alex meets a horrible fate and spacebabe computer seems to be in much danger, other crew members are disemboweled.
Just what is this Satan being up to, and what is his connection to the dark side of the moon and the Bermuda Triangle? Will the sultry Lesli be able to stop Satan's advances? Will Giles and Flynn figure out what is going on and stop the evil from destroying the entire vessel? This may be a very scaled down "Event Horizon," albeit with some nice gore and cheesecake. At very least, Lesli is a lot more appealing than the HAL 9000. For a neat scifi/horror film with spacebabes and Satan, enjoy "The Dark Side of the Moon."

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