Friday, March 27, 2020

Crash Site, Charisma Carpenter in Much Peril

When selecting a film to review I have three criteria. The second one: Is Charisma Carpenter in it? Hence a review today of 2011's "Crash Site." The charming and vivacious former Sand Diego Charger cheerleader shines so bright even after being bruised, scraped, bitten by icky things, chased and attacked by wolves, and caught in a marriage that is going down the drain. Oh yeah, for you gals, her husband is played by major league hunk, Sebastian me, you'll like him.
Okay, the sultry Rita (Carpenter) and hunk Dan (Spence) are on the outs. He works all the time and has neglected his family. His daughter Frances (Katie Findlay) has grown into a major league babe. The last straw is when he misses his daughter's graduation party, now he needs to figure out a way to stay married. A trip to the lodge in the woods! Everyone loves the idea and Dan must resist the temptation of bringing work with him (laptop and smart phone). Uh oh...Frances brings her smarmy boyfriend Matthew (Steven Grayhm). After the great looking couple keep bickering, Dan announces he and Rita will go an an overnight camping trip, just the two of devices. Good move, except for the fact Matthew has actually seduced Frances to get close to her dad so he can kill him. Dan and Rita drive off with cut brake lines, courtesy of Matthew, and crash in the wilderness.
After regaining conscious, both spouses have chances of saving each other's life. Alas, the beautiful Rita is bitten by a poisonous spider as wolves start stalking them. The two go back and forth between bickering and tender moments as Rita lays some awful news on Dan. Meanwhile, the nubile Frances finds herself in much danger at home with Matthew, who is bent on murder and industrial espionage. As the two are stalked by more and more wolves, who now decide to attack, they both have realized what happened to them and desire to get back and save Frances.
Just how could Dan spend so much time at work with Charisma Carpenter waiting for him at home? Does the plot even matter when Charisma Carpenter is in the film? Fighting for their lives, will we see our very good looking couple put their marriage back together? Charisma Carpenter and Sebastian Spence play to the camera very well and this film is fast-paced and beautifully shot in the woods of the Pacific northwest. For some great cheesecake and beefcake, and some neat nature scenes, watch "Crash Site."

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