Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Olga's Girls, Vicious White Slavery Exploitation

Graphic sexploitation set in a house of ill repute. Pretty ladies whipped, tortured, and broken. The same ladies in gratuitous shower scenes. At the mercy of a leather clad and sultry torture-hound, the ladies will be in much peril in this 1964 docu-drama about the evils of human trafficking (white slavery) and drugs. Hence "Olga's Girls." Vicious and gratuitous, this film may have a 1960s corniness to it, but the story is real.
Olga (Audrey Campbell) runs a house of prostitution. She buys her girls from 'The Syndicate' and addicts them to drugs in order to make them dependent on her. The pretty ladies are then forced to be prostitutes. Out of good measure, Olga tortures them. Olga dons a leather costume, strings up the ladies, whips them and sometimes cages them nude and forces them to eat off the floor. Olga has her favorites and Bunny (Loloni Nocolo), and this beauty is strictly Olga's attendant, providing lesbian sex to her.
The torture scenes get vicious as Olga will cut out the tongue of Kitty (Ann Pepper), thought to be an informant. Ah, rebellion looms. Cat-fights, more torture, more shower scenes, lead up to a brutal conclusion. As Olga's leadership style encompasses pain, humiliation, and fear, the heroin addicted ladies are hardly in a position for rebellion...but once dismemberment and death introduce themselves to the plot, they will take the chance.
Will several addicted ladies have a prayer to fight the wise Olga in their pursuit of freedom? What do the rebels have planned if they are able to overthrow Olga? If the ladies fail, what will Olga do to them? Bras and panties will fly, hair will be pulled, faces scratched, female body parts will shake up and down, and many of the beautiful will suffer horribly. Directed by Joseph P. Mawra, "Olga's Girls" is one of the most vicious exploitation tales you will ever see, and the feel good film of 1964 (okay, perhaps not).

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  1. What a review, it still has more work to reach the kind of level your sexploitation writing!!