Monday, March 2, 2020

Bewere, Honor Among Monsters

You just don't find it anymore...honor among monsters. In the good old days Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosi could leave the Universal set at 5 pm and enjoy an adult beverage together. Then Watergate shattered our image of the men we elect to lead us... our favorite movie stars  turn up to be sexual predators... our favorite baseball players end up being chronic cheaters... and now our monsters lie and cheat each other desperately seeking a macabre advantage. Especially in the werewolf 
community! Alas, the days of Lon Chaney, Jr. and David Naughton are long gone. Today we have a horror short directed by J. Budro Partida and written by Joy Lin, 2019's "Bewere."
Our 12 minute horror short begins at a secret meeting between Aaron (Logan Pall), a spoiled rich kid who drives a red sport car, and Oz (Joseph Fotinos), a gritty and scarred schmuck. Ah, Oz isn't just a schmuck, he's a werewolf. Aaron desires to obtain werewolf powers, probably to impress the bikini babes at the beach and then eat them. His whole life has proven to Aaron that money and deceit could buy him anything and he desires. Oz is expecting a large wad of cash to impart his easy bargain. Oz complies and in a vicious and gratuitous scene, he imparts the power to Aaron.
However painful the gift was, Aaron is now a werewolf, or will be at the next full moon. Uh oh, Aaron stiffs Oz and now that he is also a werewolf, doesn't pay the gritty veteran of the lyncanthrope community. Uh oh again, being a werewolf isn't as simple as turning, killing, eating, and turning back. Unfortunately for Aaron, who has also turned his best buddy Drew (Ray Roberts II), his decision to stiff Oz will be an uncomfortable one. See, Oz knows a few basic truths of being a werewolf and Aaron does not. Before you stiff a monster, always realize they will get even.
What will happen during the next full moon? What basic maxims should Aaron and Drew knew before the change? Has the vampire community sunk into the same moral depravity that our lycans face in "Bewere"? A morality tale, no doubt, but "Bewere" is a short horror story that may change the way we look at all those classic werewolf films we loved as children.  To view the trailer for this film, click the link below.
Trailer for BEWERE

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