Sunday, March 1, 2020

Morris, Ghost with Big Knife

Perhaps a touch of Peter Straub's Ghost Story. Or maybe a bit of Stephen King's "Stand by Me."  Ghosts are never good especially if they are from a time in our lives we are trying to forget. As seemingly good schmucks enter adulthood, a vicious and fatal episode from childhood isn't quite ready to let them go. In 2020's "Morris," Jason Brown gives us a tale of bloodcurdling revenge from a ghost with only murder on its mind.
Many years ago, Morris (Daniel Crowe) is thrilled to be playing with some cool kids. Uh oh...a horrible accident by the train tracks has Morris hit by a train. The frightened playmates run away not knowing Morris' fate. Many years later, our playmates are now adults who believed they have moved on from Morris' fate. Not so. The notes begin arriving. Courtney (Natalie Biggs) receives another one stating that she will die tonight. The deaths begin as Morris' shape goes after a couple of the peeps. Uh oh again, a parallel story is just as creepy. Nathan's (Darren Randall) son was on board a school bus that has mysteriously disappeared. Nathan has reason to believe Morris' ghost was on the bus.
As Nathan is determined to find the missing bus and to end Morris' wrath, he might be over-matched. Morris' big knife finds flesh and the carnage of a vengeful ghost is well underway. Oh yeah... Courtney? Her fate will be ominous and hard to watch as she enters Morris' cross hairs. The haunted Nathan teams up with Marcus (Adam Probets) and Sarah (Katie Richmond-Ward) and the trio form a macabre plan of action to combat the specter. The trio must enter the proverbial belly of the beast and put themselves in great peril in order to square off against their nemesis.
What is the fate of the missing school bus and what did Morris have to do with it? What exactly happened during the fateful day when carnage befell Morris...thus making him a ghost? What is the improbable plan of the trio and do they have a prayer at survival? This is a vicious one and be warned... quite heartbreaking. For a gritty and unforgiving horror experience see Jason Brown's "Morris."

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  1. It has the cam corder Blair Witch feel to it by looking at the pictures, I'm sure the skinny
    dipping scene will liven up the movie!