Saturday, November 30, 2019

Voices From Beyond, Maggot Infested Corpse Tells Tales

Nothing goes better than Lucio Fulci and maggot infested sweet. So why not a story in which the maggot infested corpse is the protagonist that leads us through a maze of revenge and vengeance? Past his prime, and with his films losing their luster, the 1990s  aren't know as part of the Fulci-Era. Nonetheless, 1991's "Voices From Beyond" is an interesting and appropriately gory mystery with, I think, a neat ending.
Giorgio (Duilio Del Prete) dies. His demise is in a hospital bed as he violently coughs up blood. Uh oh...his ghost follows his corpse. He pleads with doctors, nurses, and coroners to find out how he died. His family is happy he's gone as they were all up to no good. His wife Lucia (Bettina Giovannini), who we see naked a lot, is having a lot of sex with their son Mario (Pascal Persiano). His mistress (Antonella Tinazzo), who we see naked a lot, was humiliated by him. His mom, Hilda (Frances Nacman, who mercifully we do not see naked, is just mean and cantankerous. No one can hear Giorgio's pleas from the other side until his beloved daughter Rosy (Karina Huff) arrives from college. We see Rosy naked a lot, having pre-marital sex or just for the heck of it.
Rosy hears her dad's pleas and begins investigating. Everyone has a motive. Uh oh again, Giorgio's time as a ghost is limited and he will be no more when his body finishes decomposing. Instead of a clock, we see this time elapse as Fulci keeps showing the corpse, with an ever increasing cadre of maggots, inside the coffin. As Rosy snoops she finds deviance and motives and has horrific visions which give her clues. As Giorgio's spirit cries out in increasing desperation, Rosy becomes more bold in her investigation.
If Giorgio finds out who killed him...what will he do then? Can Giorgio see Rosy nude from the other side of the grave? If so, we can understand why he chose his beloved daughter...wait...that's gross! Who did kill Giorgio...and how? This is a Lucio Fulci film so the gore is gratuitous...and this is an Italian horror film, thus the nudity is gratuitous. The plot will contain some icky deviance and you may need a shower after watching "Voices From Beyond."

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