Sunday, November 10, 2019

The One Survivor of Conifer, The Apocalyptic Man

Nuclear war? A biological disaster? Mother Nature's vengeance? Something happened and what exactly isn't the important question. In a metaphoric sense this may be an important film about loneliness, desperation, and loss. In a literal sense, well, we will be looking for a cause, perhaps a creature oozing purple goo, and a means to end the loneliness. Today we look at Curt Dennis' "The One Survivor of Conifer."
The setting greets us, Conifer after the apocalypse. A ghost town with rubbish and remnants strewn over the landscape. Not a creature is stirring, except Austin Biggs (Johnny Maya)...and maybe a creature. Everyone is gone and Ausitn is doing a yeoman's job at keeping order. There is order, rules, and an imaginary friend in the form of a Teddy bear. Uh oh, the food is running out...and so is the drinking water. At first, Austin's imagination is his friend, keeping him stimulated, and helping him remember some benign parts of the former society.  His instinct for survival and companionship motivate him to build a radio and try to communicate...but there is no one.
Wait! A voice! Someone's there! Luke (Jonah Paull) answers. He's an eight year old boy and his parents have left and not come back. Luke is afraid and alone and Austin relishes being his 'rock' even though the two will never meet. The friendship they build is touching and sad as we the viewer understand Austin may be incapable of rescuing Luke. Uh oh, just like Austin's plight, Luke appears to have some sort of monster lurking nearby. Purple ooze seems to be developing, or drooled, by something and what it means, or where it comes from can't be good. As madness and paranoia invade Austin's psyche, both him and Luke's plight get more perilous. Are the two survivors merely keeping each other company as their terms of survival come to a hideous end, or is there hope?
The increasing madness of Austin make us ask if he is actually communicating with a youngster, or is it all in his mind? How about the purple stuff...what is it? Are Austin and Luke being spied on, or hunted, or falling prey to their own minds? The performances are terrific and Curt Dennis does a fine job in keeping this apocalyptic human study fast-paced and edgy. For a low-budget masterpiece of a character study, see "The One Survivor of Conifer."
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