Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Necromancer, Demon Revenge

Where does a gal go for some vicious revenge? Guys acting like guys? Maybe taking more liberties than they should? Just call (213) REVENGE. No, really. Call that number and be hooked up with a demon from Hell, just waiting to castrate those guys who behaved like pigs. Hence 1988's "Necromancer," directed by Dusty Nelson.
Julie (Elizabeth Kaitan) is a sweet girl, an acting major in college. Okay, she looks sweet but is all about pre-marital sex with either her professor (Russ Tamblyn) or her BF Erik (John Tyler), but we'll go with sweet. One day she is viciously raped by Paul (Stan Hurwitz), Carl (Edward A. Wright), and Allan (Shawn Eisner). These jocks are well connected at the university and Julie is afraid to go to the police. An ad on the bulletin board in the student union seeks those wanting revenge (just call the aforementioned number). Julie does and goes to see Lisa the Necromancer. For $20, the Necromancer conjures up a revenge spell from a very colorful scene.
Okay, here's the deal, unbeknownst to Julie, a demon Julie dressed like a seductress appears to her tormentors. It strips and begins sexually servicing them before castrating and killing them. The real Julie sees all this through supposed nightmares. The Necromancer is having so much fun that it doesn't stop at rapists. This won't bode well for the frisky professor. Now Julie is terrified, realizing she really never wanted anyone to be murdered...too late...the Necromancer is out of control. Now the clean-cut (okay, maybe not so clean-cut) Julie must battle her evil demon and we can all get ready for a vicious and alluring cat-fight.
Will Eric the BF tick off Julie, thereby making him Necromancer bait? If Harvey Weinstein had seen this movie, would there be a need for the now defunct #MeToo movement? If the sort of clean-cut Julie prevails and defeats the demon Julie, will her proclivity for pre-marital sex increase or decrease? "Necromancer" is fine 1980s horror and Elizabeth Kaiton plays to the camera very well. For you ladies there will be some gratuitous beefcake, and for you guys, the demon Lisa sheds her garments very fast. Enjoy "Necromancer," a twisted morality tale.


  1. Was reading this with a tooth ache, it's feeling better, keep em coming, you are the best on these kinda movies, in saying it how it really is, now time to take another pain killer!!

  2. Love to be able to fill you in on the back story...