Saturday, November 16, 2019

Kraa! The Sea Monster, Sea Monster, Space-Babes, Space-Hunks...

We have a good one from Full Moon Entertainment today. In addition to a rubber-suited sea monster, we have some teeny-bopper space-babes and space-hunks (Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande fans will adore them). More importantly, for those of us fed up with CGI, this film will be a nice elixir. So as miniature models of cities and power-lines are destroyed by a laser breathing behemoth, we can down an Old Milwaukee and just say, "Niiiiiiiiiice!"
Lord Doom (Michael Guerin)...think a low-budget Darth Vader...wants Earth as his new playroom. To do this he needs to wipe out the population, so he sends a sea monster, Kraa, to destroy everyone. The Planetary Space Patrol is onto him and hunk Monroe (Robert J. Ferrelli) commands two babes, Curtis (Alison Lohman) and Able (Candida Tolentino). These beauties look more like a college dance-team than protectors of the universe...oh yeah, Curtis has psychic powers. Anyway, Kraa begins his rampage and Lord Doom seriously damages the space-patrol ship putting our beauties in mortal danger.
Before being disabled the space patrol sends one of their agents, Mogyar (J.W. Perra)...think Earth to kill Kraa. Mogyar will enlist the help of biker Bobby (R.L. McMurry) and diner owner Alma (Teal Merchande). These three will have to outmaneuver a bunch of government spooks in order to formulate a strategy to stop Kraa's path of carnage and kill it. As the beauties in the space patrol desperately try to fix their ship and join the fight, Lord Doom prepares his invasion. Our under-armed trio races to enact a long-shot plan and the nubile Curtis begins to use her psychic powers in order to slow Kraa.
Will the very good looking space-patrol save Earth and then come to Disney World to compete in a dance-team competition? Will the little E.T. be able to outsmart and defeat the Godzilla rip-off? Will Lord Doom be able to capture either Curtis or Able and turn this into a Roger Corman exploitation-fest? This is a fun one, as we expect from Full Moon. Directed by Aaron Osborne and Dave Parker, "Kraa! The Sea Monster" is a must see for big-monster movie fans.

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  1. It's always the low budget films which have the most interesting plots, the new Star Wars is lost in special effects that you just can't take these show off movies seriously, thanks for championing the underdogs who haven't sold out a good story for a big buck.