Sunday, November 17, 2019

In Utero, Offspring in Peril

Naked, vulnerable, and preyed upon. Stalwarts of the Old Testament knew their devotion and obedience to 'The Word of God" was necessary for their own salvation as well as that of their offspring and grandchildren. As history progressed through the ages, religious denominations were set up to provide order and structure for this worship. Humans are fallen beings and our creations, though well meaning, set up rote practices and ritualistic sacraments, and true relationships to God were not prioritized. Man's laziness and desire for utility influenced our denominations as it is easier for us to follow orders and obey a set number of rules than to cleanse ourselves spiritually and prepare for divine instruction direct from God's mouth. Hence 2019's "In Utero," a David Teixeira film that combines "Mater" and "Ouroboros."
She's a modern woman, played wonderfully by Lea N'Kaoua, who is naked and vulnerable in rural France. Left this way by the neglect of her ancestors. This neglect separated generations from God and now our French woman is vulnerable to false deities. Her perceived independence may have shielded her from domineering men and a patriarchal society, but has also steered her away from an intimate relationship with a God that could provide her eternal salvation. Ms. N'Kaoua's beautiful woman did not have the Old Testament luxury of the prayers and guardianship of devout ancestors. Now she is of age, and evil deity-wannabes are ready to move in, just like they did to her ancestor in "Mater."
She will be pursued by something horrific. The burning and deprivation of Hell is characterized for us in many artistic metaphor, but we're told that true Hell is merely the separation from God. Our nubile babe has that separation and the horror has manifested itself. The terrible rape of her ancestor has created a timeless demon who is very greedy. The monstrous force has transcended generations and is now hunting beauty and youth (beauty and youth apart from God). In a setting of ruins (our selfish and materialistic world?), the beauty is hounded, hunted, and pursued by a mystical collector bent on more vicious rape and ruination.
Mr. Teixeira's film is horrific as we see the hunt close up. Watching a beautiful young woman speedily heading to a scandalous and humiliating fate is difficult. We may yell out, "No...please...she's good!" To be good in God's eyes varies from what we humans consider "good," and perhaps our true horror at "In Utero" is the realization that the nubile beauty is going through a fate which endangers all of us. Sure, hang on to your rites and rituals...but beware, if those acts don't seek to bring you closer to God, well...your denominational adherence may lead you to a fate of being ravaged by carnal evils and eternal torture. For a horror that indeed may be awaiting you, take in David Teixeira's "In Utero" (a 24 minute short horror film).
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  1. Wow. That certainly gave me Goosebumps. I think a must watch for.