Friday, November 8, 2019

Brain of Blood, The Perils of Immortality

To live forever! Sound good? Rutger Hauer wanted it in "Blade Runner." Dracula desired it. Even Hitler strove for it, at least in many neat movies. Think about it. Do we really want the Hitlers', or the Draculas', or even moralistic robots to be with us forever? I know we're all raised to be polite, but think of many of your deceased you really wish they could be with us forever?  How about the Ayatollah Khomeini? Did we really want him around with us forever? Hence 1971's "Brain of Blood," an Al Adamson epic.
Amir (Reed Hadley) rules a mid-eastern country called Khalid. He's about to die and that would be a shame because he is so loved and revered that his country would be sad if he died. Hence a plot is hatched so Amir will live forever (yeah, this will work out nicely). Enter the babe Tracy (Regina Carrol) and his doctor, Bob (Grant Williams). They have arranged it that upon his death he will be flown to the U.S. and the laboratory of mad-scientist Dr. Trenton (Kent Taylor). Trenton will remove his brain and transplant it into another body. The other body? Details...why worry about details! He dies...and is delivered to Trenton's lab. Trenton removes his brain. Uh oh...a body is needed. The idiot ghoul Gor (John Bloom), with his brawn and  hideous face, is charged with this job...he fails. Unfortunately for Gor...well, you guessed it...his hulking and ugly body will be the new home for Amir.
Oh yeah, Dorro (Angelo Rossitto), an insane dwarf and Trenton aide has a collection of babes chained up in the downstairs dungeon. I know...who doesn't? Blood for the operation is supplied by these babes in bondage, but the sultry Katherine (Vicki Volante) escapes. Bad news for Amir's delegation, they don't fit into Trenton's plans for world domination and he has them rubbed out. Amir wakes in the body of the hideous he's half statesman and half half-wit. Meanwhile, Katherine is able to join forces with Amir's original doctor, Bob. The two fall in love, and discover Trenton's plan. As the new Amir, or Gor, plays with toys and spouts pacifist salutations, Trenton plots world domination.
Just how does Trenton plan to use the half-wit/pacifist to help him rule the planet?  Can the two lovebirds, Katherine and Bob, stop him before Trenton and Gor/Amir return to the throne in Khalid? Given the geniuses that rule countries in the middle-east today (I guess we can throw Europe in there, too...or for that matter....stop! No politics here today)? Will the sultry Regina Carrol be the love interest or delegated to a damsel in distress to the statesman/half-wit? Perhaps that last question is a pertinent one for any single women in modern society. For some schlock and scary fun, see "Brain of Blood."


  1. It seems to me, if you aren't a half wit, then forget about entering politics, but there exceptions MAGA!!!

  2. This film sounds like a blast Christopher! Al Adamson is such a schlocky director if he were more known would rival Ed Wood in ineptitude! But damn I want to watch it anyway!