Thursday, November 21, 2019

Literature Review: Duality by Nasser Rabadi

Some of you are so blessed to have a best friend...a super best friend. The two of you know each other better than your siblings know you. Your relationship transcends experience and appears to sync your thoughts and feelings. When one hurts, the other does, as well. Hyper sisters, perhaps...or uber soul-mates. Beware...we all have secrets. What you don't know about your other half, your soul-mate...or your hyper sister, if you wish...could kill you. Hence Nasser Rabadi's Duality.
Yep, Rose and Valerie are close. They could pass as twin sisters. Whatever physical difference they may have is more than made up for in their mental attachment. They're not sisters in the literal sense, but figuratively, they are closer than sisters...or so it appears. As the two matriculate through high school, they realize the town they are living in appears cursed. As boys enter their lives and a sense of friskiness overtakes their judgment and confidence about their relationship. This won't go well as Valerie asks Rose for, what appears to be, a simple and playful favor. Horror follows. The evil that will seep into the pages of Duality will be bloody and shocking. Though this story is in book form, you will turn your eyes as if the story is being played out on the silver screen.
Malignant forces rip our would be twins apart and Rose is left to deal with real life and the consequences. Where is Valerie? Great this book to find out. Rose is now alone and in a complicated and mysterious quandary. Whether she is able to steer through danger and doom depends on finding out exactly who her so-called soul-mate was/is. Yep...what do we really know about our spouses, children, besties...even ourselves? What we don't know can be more important and now Rose's ability to put pieces together to solve the puzzle that is Valerie may be the only hope in ending the bloodshed, gore, and deviance that has overtaken her life and the town she lives in.
Duality is a horrific novel and as the final reveal approaches, the horror intensifies. We're so charmed by Rose and Valerie's friendship that we care for these two characters more than anything. As danger rolls in, as does murder and bloody misogyny...we gasp and plead with the author to spare them. Mr. Rabadi has put together a horror story that will tug at our hearts and eventually threaten to rip out those same hearts. For a fast-paced story of intense friendship, intense evil, and bloody Duality.
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