Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Walk of the Dead, SHOCK NOTICE

Spanish horror fans will applaud today's selection, 1973's "Walk of the Dead" (aka "Vengeance of the Zombies"). {{SHOCK NOTICE}} Paul Naschy, the most famous horror actor from Spain gives a performance comprising of {{SHOCK NOTICE}} three roles, including {{SHOCK NOTICE}} Satan! Okay, you ask what is with the {{SHOCK NOTICE}} warnings? Well, in this shocker, whenever a really scary scene is about to unfold, we hear one of those old car horns (Ah-Oooooooh-Ga!) as the words "Shock Notice" appear on the screen. Yes...you have been warned.
Okay, a Swami (or whatever you call them) appears in London, Krishna (Naschy). Not too coincidentally {{SHOCK NOTICE}} sultry female corpses are resurrected into homicidal zombies. As two grave robbers are offed by a recently beautiful babe, Elvira (Romy) sleeps in a see through negligee in her mansion. {{SHOCK NOTICE}} Evil incantations are recited by Krishna and now the babe zombie heads over to Elvira's estate where a masked man awaits. As the dead babe attacks the negligee-clad Elvira in bed, a masked man {{SHOCK NOTICE}} axes Elvira's servant and hangs her dad. Barely escaping, the nubile Elvira runs to her spiritual adviser, Krishna, whom she loves. He comes up with a brilliant idea, and {{SHOCK NOTICE}} she bites...get some rest at his country estate.
Get this {{SHOCK NOTICE}} Krishna's country estate is the site of many mass murders and is haunted. At the estate, Krishna continues his boring philosophizing and Elvira makes his babe-servant, Kala (Mirta Miller) jealous. Meanwhile, more Londoners are {{SHOCK NOTICE}} gutted and decapitated by babe zombies and the nubile but chronically unfaithful Olivia (Aurora de Alba) is knifed while having extra-marital sex and turned into another babe-zombie. Now it is apparent that {{SHOCK NOTICE}} Elvira is needed by Krishna to fulfill some Voodoo rite that will make Krishna a god and separate Elvira {{SHOCK NOTICE}} from her blood.
There is a lot of Romy running around in a see-through negligee action as she flees undead babes. {{SHOCK NOTICE}} Nudity and gore rule this weird tale of Voodoo and Indian culture in this shocker. Will the nubile Elvira and the sexy Kala engage in a cat-fight among the living? Will Elvira be turned into a babe-zombie? Will the Voodoo community be offended that their sacred rites have been culturally appropriated by Spanish filmmakers? Gratuitous and blood soaked, "Walk of the Dead" will please you horror fans and if you have never seen a Paul Naschy film, catch this one.

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