Monday, August 26, 2019

The Killing Death, Herschell Gordon Lewis Pizza

Remember Detectives Stone and Keller from "The Streets of San Francisco"? Well, in 2008's "The Killing Death," we have the same old grizzled police detective matched up with a young, book-bright detective. This time, in a homage to Herschell Gordon Lewis, we have a horror/comedy instead of a 1970s police TV show. So get ready for severed body parts, weird homicides, and dark humor.
Uh oh...a psycho is on the loose. Two detectives, the veteran Frank (Jeremy Dangerfield) and young Jimmy (Tyhr Trubiak) respond to the scene of a butchered woman. The killer has also taken her foot...but why? Frank knows a killer has sprung up and won't retire until he is caught. The killings will continue as some nubile babes die similarly, and in each case a body part is absconded with. Even some guys will get it and in one disgusting murder'll see. As the investigation progresses Frank seems to unravel, losing touch with reality, leaving Jimmy as the brains behind the search for the killer.
As each murder scene plays on Frank's sanity, a college professor (Darren Felbel) provides some insight into the motives of the killer. The good professor is an expert on ancient Egypt and believes the psycho is satisfying some ancient rite involving cannibalism and renewal. So who is this fiend? You'll meet him...and he has issues. Still, Phil (Neil Reimer) stays under the radar with a perfect cover...he delivers pizza. Just like a vampire, he has a way of getting invited into the houses of his selected victims. As smart as he is, Frank's mental disintegration may be the biggest impediment to solving these ghastly crimes.
Limbs will be severed, eyes will be gouged, and'll see. Does young Jimmy have the know-how to take charge of this investigation and track down a psycho? Will Frank's mental breakdown allow the pizza guy to keep dissecting babes and almost-hunks? Just what does a pizza guy want with body parts? This is a fun one and fans of Herschell Gordon Lewis epics and also fans of "Police Squad" the TV show will have a lot of fun with this one. Directed by Ian Russell, "The Killing Death" has great acting, cheesy gore effects and cheesy it but not while your chomping down on a pepperoni pizza.

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  1. It's the kinda movie that would get the mad professor's juices running, as he tackles his last two chapters!!