Friday, August 2, 2019

Frankenstein Vs. The Creature From Blood Cove, Monster War

All you fans of the classic Universal horror films often asked who would win a match between Frankenstein (the monster) and Dracula. In this 2005 William Winckler creation "Frankenstein vs. The Creature From Blood Cove," we have ringside seats to the preliminary match in which the Frankenstein creation squares off against the Creature From the Black Lagoon. Low-budget and campy, this film pays homage to many of the old Universal classics. With the gore and gratuitous scenes those films lacked, and a wink of the eye, this B movie will surely please all you classic monster fans.
Oh no! It escaped. The gill-man creation of a trio of mad scientists. After a pursuit, the creature flees into the sea. Dr. Lazaroff (G. Larry Butler) assures his sultry colleague Dr. Ula Foranti (Alison Lees-Taylor) and his trusty, scar-faced Salisbury (Rich Knight) that the thing will die won't. Plan B is enacted and the trio descend into Shellvania to search for Frankenstein's creation. After werewolf attacks, they find the thing, resurrect it, and bring it back to the U.S.
Meanwhile, Bill (William Winckler) is photographing bikini models at Blood Cove. His assistants Dezzirae (Dezzirae Ascalon) and Perry (Gary Canavello) are along. On cue, from the surf the gill-man falls in love. As some very gratuitous bikini model scenes are interrupted, the gill-man scares away model Gabrielle (Tera Cooley) and then shreds Beula (Carla Harvey). Now the fiend chases Bill and his pals and they seek refuge in a nearby mansion. Uh oh...this is where Lazaroff and Foranti are experimenting with the Frankenstein monster. Let no opportunity pass! Foranti imprisons this trio and Lazaroff sends Frankenstein out to destroy the gill-man. These monsters will square off in bloody conflict. Uh oh...not only did Frankenstein come back to did his hormones. This is bad news for Lazaroff as his fiendish plot for the monster has no room for his libido. Now seeking a bride, Frankenstein grows unresponsive to Lazaroff's orders. Strippers and Dezzirae beware...the god-forsaken thing wants a mate!  Frankenstein's libido leads to many gratuitous scenes including one elongated number featuring the famous stripper Selena Silver! Uh oh...the gill-man is still in the picture, and he may want a plaything, as well.
What is Lazaroff's horrifying plan for Frankenstein? Will Frankenstein find his love companion that has eluded him through centuries? Will Dezzirae, Ula, California's bikini models, and Selena the stripper hold onto their chastity...okay bad word...dignity among this monster rampage? Ghosts and a werewolf will also play heavy on this ambitious plot. For low-budget campy monster fun, William Winckler delivers nicely with "Frankenstein vs. The Creature From Blood Cove."


  1. Looks like a good bit of campy fun! Will have to add to the list I think

  2. 'That aint no rubber suit..' A must see, checking it out on youtube, great catch, this one. It's the mating season for gill man, yikes!!!